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Chapter 976 - Violet II


The white spear covered in violet runes and clashed with my sword, and when it did, a huge metallic sound rang out, and immense force came at me with the Violet Energy of the Bullmen.

I did not put up any defense as it came to me; I want to experience the power of the Level 10 Constitution.

The force and Violet Energy entered inside me, and when I experienced it, I was blown away by the power of it. If it had an average Adamantine of any stage beside me, he would have exploded into the fine pieces. The force is too big, not to forget the strange Violet energy is released.

This Violet Energy is one of strangest energies Ive ever seen, it is not harming me but block all the nodes from which I could get energy, not the nodes of my physical, it is also started to block the connection with source and the heart space from which I got my mana and Mystic Energies.

It is doing all that by transforming into the runes and creating the formation, so blockage will not be a block that one could break through the sheer force. One will need a defined method to break these formations or use sheer force like mad, that would so much time that Bullman would easily finish you.

I was shocked seeing the nature of this Violet Energy and understood that I had a way to underestimate the Inheritances, especially the Inheritance of a powerful tribe as Violet Horn Bullmen.

The force as energy started to work their magic as they energies my body, but they had just begun when my body started to release faint red energy and which directly consumed all the force and Violet energy that had infiltrated my body and soul.

"Nice Inheritance, that Violet Energy of yours is very difficult to solve for the average Adamantine, even weaker Special Admantines would not last long in front of it," I said, its attack was powerful, but it did not faze me even a bit, I did also shook slightly by the attack.

It got surprised, but a look of understanding flashed in its eyes, "You are powerful, but the attack I had performed just now was the simple attack, I will now show you the real power of my Inheritance." It said as it swiftly took back its spear.

"Violet Blast!" It shouted as it did, a big, dense cloud of Violet energy started to appear on the tip of the spear, and at the same time it's Spears movements became faster and difficult to differentiate as phantoms began to appear around it which look extremely real and giving off the same aura as the main Spear.

The Spear had merged into the tens of phantom that one could not see which Spear is real, normal Adamantine could forget about identifying the real Spears as every spear looked the same and felt the same.

I was impressed by this attack of its; it is not every day one would get to see such an amazing and complex attack. Seeing it coming, I swung my sword at the Spear, others may have problems seeing the real spear, but I did not.


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