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Chapter 970 - Entering II

As I passed through the gate, I found myself in a very barren place, and right at that moment, I felt a burning sensation on the back of my palm and small information being transmitted to me.

On the back of my palm, a red mark of The War Tower had appeared, I controlled it with my mind, and I want to crush that I just have to command it through my mind and it will be crushed.

The Rules were similar to what I know as teleportation would only happen three seconds after I crushed it and having an Elixir every ten levels and getting a reward, every hundred levels.

To pass each level, I would have to kill a sufficient level of obstructions that Tower throws at me and acc.u.mulate enough points to reach to the next level, as for how I will know it, the badge will tell me.

Zzzz… "Die!"

I looked around for a moment before I took a step inside the barren ground as I did, I heard the soft sound, and next moment the clay human figures made of clay appeared out of nowhere and came at me and shouted loudly.

If one looked at them without focus, one would think of them as the real human, except for their clay bodies, everything about them feels real. Their movements, the sound they make, everything feels real.

These clay figures are not weak; each of them has the strength of the initial Golden Elite with then coming with a group they are even stronger.

Dhub Dhub Dhub…

I looked at them for a moment before a kindle of fire released from me without me moving an inch of my body and seeped into the clay figurines and turned them into dust.

I don't think for six hundred floors; I even have to look at the obstacle the tower throws at me. Only when I reach the 601st floor, only these things will become interesting for me.

After I looked at the Clay Figures for a while, I started to move speedily. Each level at the hundred floors is two-kilometer square; I just have to cross that distance, and I will see the entrance to the 2nd floor.

The tower is humongous humongous, but the space inside is thousands of times more; the space had been enlarged through the spatial methods. There are thousands of levels each floor, and on every floor, these levels lessened till one reached 901 floors.

From 901, there are no different levels; everyone had to pass through the same last hundred levels.


I moved swiftly, and as I moved hundreds of kindles released from my body, five second later my wrist buzzed slightly, and when I looked at it, I found the mark of the Tower turning Green, meaning I have killed enough obstacles that I could pass through the second level.

Seeing that, I instantly increased my speed and appeared at the gate of level 2 and crossed it. There I found the same barren scenery where the only difference it's that it had slightly stronger Clay Figurines, which I had killed within a few seconds and moved on to the next floor/level.

This Tower is real

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