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Chapter 982 - Colossal Mountain Hammer Art II

Colossal Mountain Hammer Art? An Art!

I barely believe what I've just heard; Arts are supremely rare that normal tribes barely have more than one Art in their treasuries.

Arts mysterious things and very, very dangerous, they are all types of it and could all types of things. One could never predict how powerful one can become when they have Art.

This bastard is saying that he had comprehended the 1st part of Colossal Mountain Hammer Art and seeing its battle power, this Art had made it powerful enough that if it had launched its earlier attack at the Violet Horn Bullman, it would have to explode into pieces like that.

"Now let me show the Glory of my tribe's Colossal Mountain Hammer Art." "First Mountain!" It shouted and swung its hammer at me; it did not even waste a second attacking me, fearing I would run away.

Its spiked hammer came at me, as I did I started to feel suppression at; first I thought I was imagining things when I saw the phantom of Earthly Grand Mountain appearing behind it.

I know the suppression I am feeling is real, and it is getting stronger and stronger as it comes close to me.

The suppression that the hammer is releasing is so intense that in front of it an average Adamantine would not even be able to lift their weapons; seeing such suppression, my heart is really blown.

I could feel that it come closer, the hammer gathers more and more energies of surrounding and expertly use them to suppress me, in just the first level this Art is making use of the worldly energy to increase its power by many folds.

The Life Extraction Art that I had encountered before was able to suck one whole, including the Constitution one had; this Colossal Mountain Art was able to suppress normal Adamantine enough that he was incapable of moving even an inch.

Seeing it's hammer come close, I also whipped my sword at it, and when I did that, its lips curved up in a smile in ridicule as it could not believe a simple swing of my sword would be able to stop it's hammer at all.


My sword clashed against the hammer and created the huge sparks and sent a huge amount of force with suppressive intent inside me. This suppressive intent feels so heavy that it had the power to crush anything.

When it entered my body, it directly went for my internal organs wanting to crush them into the paste, these energies had a feel of a mountain that weighed enough to crush anything and it wanted to crush my internal organisms too, but Blood Red Energy of my constitution came and crushed this mountain suppressive force.

"Quite impressive art you have." I praised it many not looked much, but I have used considerable physical strength to counter this attack of it. This much strength would be more than enough to kill ten monsters like Violet Horn Bullman.

It looked at my sword in surprise, it was holding back the spiked head of its Yellow Hammer

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