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Chapter 985 - 7th Level

'F.u.c.k, it looked like I won't be able to fulfill my target this time.' I thought as I was my last leg performing Body Cleansing Technique.

The day had nearly passed, and now there are barely four hours that had remained until I was teleported out of this room.

This is my last practice session in this room, and I had thought that I would be able to accomplish it, seeing I accomplished my target yesterday.

But the things are hard; I was only able to reach the 98th pose of the Body Cleansing Technique and created 197 Seals of Supreme Combat Exercise, going further in both methods is too difficult.

I am already utterly exhausted; going further would be impossible as I continue performing is already very difficult and would be able to continue for the minute at most after that, I would collapse.

Crack Crack Crack…

I continued performing, and half a minute later, when I was on the verge of collapse, I heard that familiar sound through my soul, seeing that look of unbelievable shock had appeared on my face.

To be honest, I had not thought I would make a breakthrough into the Secret Method as there was no indication of it, though most of the time, there is no indication; still, it had caught me by quite a surprise.

I quickly calmed down and used all my strength to perform the Body Cleansing Technique and Supreme Combat Exercise as this best opportunity for me to accomplish the goals I have set for the two methods.

Crack Crack Crack...Bang

As I circulated the two methods at their fastest without care, I also gulped down all energy cores that were held in my month, including two pieces of Lord Stage Monster core. This is a risky move as it is very hard to digest energy produce from two Lord Stage Monster Cores.

Nero would not be able to guzzle all the energy till the Grand Cleansing, and until then, my body has to bear the assault of lord Stage and knight stage monster cores; it will be quite hard pressed to bear all these energies, but I will not die from their assaults.

Crack Crack Crack...Bang

With the bang, the Secret Method had broken through Level 7 seven, and I was transferred to the conscious space which has become even bigger and better, I could now do many things, including that thinking, which I wanted to do for months.


Hours passed in the Consciousness Space and before I heard the cracking sound of exit. In the time since I entered, and since I left, I have been focused on a single thing, I only did that thing, and to my luck, I was able to finish with it.

Now, I have another trump card which has great power; it is so powerful that even I can't imagine how powerful it is. With it, I got even more confidence to go further in the Nine Hundredths Levels.


The darkness in front of me has disappeared, and I returned to the real world, and just as I did, I fell on the hard in the utterly exhausted state that I co

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