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Chapter 952 - Chase I

This Grimm Monster is 'Special'; it is evident by the aura that it is projecting. It's aura is that of Diamond but exceptionally deep. If we compared our aura, then mine would be a tiny stream while it would be a raging river.

The difference between our aura strength is humongous. I wouldn't even stand a single chance against it.

"What do you want?" I asked in a steady voice while thinking thousands of ways to survive. It will be utter idiocy if I think I will fight against it, it's single attack would be enough for me to reach the underworld.

I am clearly thinking about running, that is the only way which could give me slight hope to survive, but the problem is where should I run.

This city is filled with danger. I have to run to a place dangerous enough that could kill me and won't kill me outright, and that places also help minimize the difference in strength between us.

There are very few people such as this as in these past two days, I've barely walked fifty kilometers, and in such a small area, there are only three places that could fit that category.

There is another thing I have to worry about before entering these areas; me even being able to run away, seeing its incredible strength I will have to be very very fast and use the dangerous spot in between as obstacles to reduce its speed.

"I want your monster, I have seen it using the Mystic Energies the higher-ups of my tribe will be very interested in the monster of yours." It said while looking directly at Ashlyn. I couldn't help but shudder hearing it.

I had always known that Ashlyn using Mystic Energies is something impossible and others were to know about it. They will be very interested in her, it is not only the Grimm Monster but also the humans, and some would go extreme to get her.

"And what if I don't," I said while rejecting the plan of Ashlyn, which she had transmitted to me through our link. There is no way I would hand over Ashlyn to the Grimm Monster; I would rather die than I would do that.

"Well, if you did not, then I will kill you very painfully and take your monster, but I very much prefer you would hand your monster to me on your own, it will save you a lot of pain." It said with a fiendish laugh as it took out it's Warhammer from its shoulder.


I said to Ashlyn, and the next moment, I jumped into the air while donning my phantom Armor. At the same time, Ashlyn came below me in her two-meter size, and we flew away instantly. It happened so fast that it only took a second before we had shot into the sky.

As I was talking to it, I was also tracking its killing intent, and the moment I had asked Ashlyn to run, I had felt the intense spike in its killing intent and knew it was going to attack next moment sneakily.

I had seen the l.u.s.t in its eyes for Ashlyn and would have leaped at Ashlyn directly if we hadn't run away.

Such blessed powerhouses rarely find anythin

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