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Chapter 963 - The War Tower

I cursed loudly as what had happened in the last was beyond my imagination; the formation created by two chains was Constitution Formation.

These chains have created special formation inside me, which would help me advance my constitution to Level 12; the only thing I have to do is add resources into the special storage of the formation.

Unlike the being who could only use the Herbs, in this formation, I could use anything that could provide energy, but there is one condition and that is 50% resources added into the formation had to be herb or plant-based.

My first target is to acc.u.mulate enough resources to upgrade my Constitutions to Level 10.

Crack Crack Crack…

I was in my thoughts when I heard the cracking sound when I looked at the source of the sound; I saw the bones that had been confining me are cracking apart, seeing that a smile emerged from my lips as I gently moved my body forward which shattered all the bones that had bound me.


I gently landed on the floor and looked around, only to see it is night and blood mist that everywhere thinking out at the visible rate.

Seeing that I am not surprised as that being had placed the huge formation and with its being dead, the connection with the formation broken and mist started to disburse automatically.

Seeing that, I wanted to leave this place as quickly as possible before anyone could notice me here.

Though there are barely any people present in this Ruin that could threaten me, I still want to leave before anyone notices me here, I don't want anyone to connect me with this place, the fewer people know the nature of my constitution the better.

But before that, I want to change from my tattered clothing; they are completely bloodied and tattered, even the artifact I was wearing were spared. It was a good thing I had brought a special cover for my holowatch and homing bracelet; it had saved them from getting damaged.


I was about to remove clothes from my storage when I remember that the storage ring had been taken by that being and about to go for storage pouches in my pants pockets, hoping they are not damaged when I saw my storage ring on my finger.

'That bastard must have placed it back on my finger when it had removed the stuff from me, thinking it would be its after it took over my body.'


I cursed loudly as I looked inside my storage; it had changed entirely from inside; not only had it become bigger, but there was also something very amazing had been done inside, it is clearly the handiwork of that being, only it had the power to do something like that.

It had become twenty-one times larger, it is now 211 Sq Kilometers, which is absolutely huge, and everything inside is covered in the formation. It has become a fully automated warehouse.

It will automatically store anything I put inside in its respective place. If I have storage and I want it

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