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Chapter 955 - Illusion and Quintessence I

The Skeletons looked extremely scary, they were not only taller than me, but they also had two-meter long scimitars in their hands, which looked as if they were made to drink the Blood.

But they are not the scariest thing; the scariest thing is a ghostly red fire burning in their eyes, and if one looked carefully, one would see this fire is made of extremely tiny Runes.

It looked very scary and is very hypnotic that I had to look away from their eyes as I felt very drawn to them. Though I know it is made of Illusion, it does not make much difference to me.

Be it Illusion or Reality, I had to defeat these skeletons to get out of this mist, and there are quite high chances that I will be able to do that, as these skeletons are quite weak, they possess the power equal to that of the average Peak Diamond which I could easily slay.

So, I take out the rapier from my storage and which worked exactly like the real world, which is no surprise for me as from what I had read about the Blood Red Sea of Mist that everything is in illusion is real, I could even consider this Illusion a pseudo-reality.

"Die Die Die…"

All five skeletons shouted in eerie ghostly voices as they waved their scimitars at me; their attack was precious and accurate without wastage of any power, which made them even more dangerous than their shown power.

This attack would have been enough to kill any average Peak Diamond at a single level in a single attack but not me, I can easily defend against, but I will not do that.

Kach Kach...

I dodge all the five blood-red scimitars that are coming toward me before launching my attack. It was very powerful that in just a single swing of the Rapier, I had crushed the skull of all five skeletons.

I did not stop after that, crushing their skulls, and I crushed the remaining bones on their body, and I did all that in just one second.


I had just finished crushing their bones when suddenly, I saw the ten wisps of fire that were extinguished by my attacks suddenly came, and before I could say anything, they entered inside me.

'Just like it is written in intelligence.' I thought. There is information about this Red Blood Flame in their eyes; it seeps into one after the defeat of opponents this illusion has created.

This fire is no use to those who did not Comprehend the Rules like Murder, Carnage, and others, but those who comprehended it, it is absolute treasures, and since I had comprehended the Killing Rule, this absolute treasure for me.

As for what this is, it is Quintessences of the Level 1 Rules, these are thousands of Level 1 Quentescences constrained in those ghostly runic fire and I alone found more than Thirty Level 1 Rules that are higher forms of Rule of Killing.

Quintessences are the most basic pure form from which one could comprehend the rule from. The Ice and Fire Tower in the Raven city also had the hint

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