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Chapter 947 - Knowledge Crystals I

Crunch Crunch…

The crunching sounds rang out as I entered the hall in the hall on the second floor. Time had destroyed everything worthwhile that had remained in this building except for the building itself, which would collapse in a hundred some years.

As I had entered, I looked around for a while, checking the size of the hall before I took out the abode and activated it.

I would have liked to scour the 2nd floor for some valuables now, but I decided not to create too much noise at night and leave the scouring for the evening when it was less dangerous.

I activated the abode and went inside; the first thing I did was a shower before I started to make the food. I did not waste too much time on the dinner and cooked the simple meal which I ate alone since Ashlyn was still in a deep sleep.

Finished with the dinner, I converted my bedroom to the training room and started practicing with the sword while also circulating Supreme Combat Exercise and Secret Method.

This place is not suitable for the practice of the Body Cleansing Technique, though I recovered quickly after practicing the method, to reach the I still have to wait for quite a while, so it is better that I practice the two methods which did not make me tired at all.

I am practicing with Rapier, which has quite a great weight, though earlier I had fought using it, my movements were not as great as I would like them to be. It was a good thing the enemies I was fighting were mindless Blood Thralls; if they were humans or Grimm Monsters, I would have had quite a difficult problem dealing with them.

I had practice for two hours until I started to feel tired. I continue for a few hours, but that would make me more tired which I do not want, in this Ruin, I wish to remain at my Peak all the time, so even if any danger came, I would be able to deal with it or run away from it effectively.

After showering again to wash away all the sweat, I converted the training room into the bedroom and laid on it reading. It is quite early for me to sleep, so I decided to read while I practiced the two methods.

I read for a few hours before I close the window of my holowatch and close my eyes to sleep.

When I woke up, it was dawn, the 1st day in Ruin had been over and the second day had to begin. I quickly woke up, freshened up, and showered before heating and eating the leftovers of yesterday. Few minutes after I finished my early lunch, I walked out of the Abode and deactivated it.

The runaways coming through the gaps lighting the whole hall apart, I did not have to use the light stone again to see in the hall.

'It is time to search for the treasure.' I said and took out the wooden stick from my storage and started to use it to move the stuff around to search for the valuables. In such places, it is imperative that I did not use my hand; some unstable Rune or trap might cut my hands off.

The hall is

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