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Chapter 961 - Runic Chains II

"What Is It? Tell What Is It You Bastard?" It roared loudly at me as the two chains bound it, and runes from it started to spread around the whole crystal.

I could feel how shit scared it is seeing the Green and Silver Runes enveloping it. The Blood Red Crystal is struggling with all its might, but all of its attempts were futile, in front of those chains, it had become incapable of doing anything.

There two Green and Silver chains are from the two beings. The Green ones are from the beings that are present in the Garden. It is what bound the Abomination, which was hiding in my sword and extracts energies from it to feed to the blood of Annihilation Titan, which is hiddenly somewhere inside me.

I do not doubt these chains sucking energy from it and feeding it to the blood of Annihilation Titan, and as for the silver chains, they are from Ashlyn; her aura could clearly be felt from the chains.

Currently, both of the chains are spreading around the crystal, covering every inch of the while blood-red crystals rave and struggle, any of its actions are not affecting the operations of the Runes, they continue to spread around it.

It had struggled and raved about the runes for a while before finally, it stopped as if knowing all of its struggles futile. "Boy, do you know what these runic chains are?" it asked in its calm voice again, though its voice may seem calm, it is full of hidden tremors.

The bastard is extremely scared and likely fishing for information from me so that it could get out of its predicament.

"These chains are from Titan Blood that is hidden inside me; before you, there was an Abomination who tried to occupy my body, but it was also bounded by chains and became nutrition for the Titan Blood," I replied truthfully, though it is not the complete truth, it is close enough.

I told it true because I wanted to see its reactions, and the reaction I got was more intense than I had expected.

"T...Ti...Titan A...Ab...Abomination." It is said in a terrified voice; it is so scared it was not even able to form the words right. The fear it had shown it, I had never heard in any one voice.

The words Titan and Abomination had really scared so silly that it was not even able to say the words fully. "B...Boy, are you telling the truth?" It asked in a slightly shaking voice.

"I don't know if its true or not, that thing who called itself Abomination Said that is a survivor of Titan Abomination War, and it was able to get Blood of the Titan during that War," I replied truthfully, hearing blood-red crystal made a huge ripple far greater than before when

"My Lord Titan, this is lowly one Singred son of Angred Leader of Sin Blood Lion Race, My race is vassal of Blood Titan Aondel. Please forgive this lowly one for this transgression." It said in barely stable voice.

Its voice felt so pitiful to the extreme, even I who hated it to core felt pity for it a mome

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