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Chapter 945 - Garden Of Blazing Roses II

Ashlyn flew toward the Garden before I could stop; this Garden is f.u.c.k.i.n.g dangerous. So, dangerous that even those above Knight would get vaporized inside it.

The Roses are dangerous, but the more dangerous is the fiery mist, this blazing mist present in the all the Garden, just looking at this mist, makes me feel shudder all over my body.

It is so dangerous that just looking at it I would feel shudders running through all over my body, and now Ashlyn is going inside. Even though the red mist is not everywhere, it has covered most of the Rose Garden faintly getting touched by it will mean certain death.

I kept calling Ashlyn to come back inside through our link, but she isn't listening to me a bit; she is flying toward the Garden with the obsolete focus, and flying in the most weirdly, I've ever seen her fly.

She is flying bizarrely fashion; sometimes she would go fast, sometimes she would go slow. One moment she would go up while one moment she would go down, she would even change her size every few movements, but most of the time, she would keep her body at the thumb size, which is the smallest size she can shrink her body.

Though it is bizarre, it is also very evident that she is avoiding those blazing misty particles, both visible and invisible. Seeing that calling her back is futile, I started to wish everything would go well.

Step by step, she moved closer to the fiery roses, and finally, she reached the edge of the Blazing Garden, but she did not immediately go inside. She stopped at the edge, avoiding any fiery mist particle that came in her way.


I watched her being edge on the Garden, daring not to take a step toward the Roses, as such ten minutes had passed when suddenly Ashlyn turned Silver, appeared beside the rose tree, changed her size big enough that she could gulp down the rose directly with her mouth before becoming small again and flying out at extreme speed.


I cursed as Ashlyn entered inside me, it had happened so fast, from going inside, to changing her size to gulping down the whole rose and returning to me, it had only taken her three seconds.

Her speed is extremely fast when she did that, she had used more energy of the Featherlight and Wolf Lord Armor than I ever could to gain this, her actions were fast beyond imagination.

Though she had done this amazing job, she paid the price too. She had become extremely injured doing this; she was at her last leg if not for her quickly entering inside me before going into slumber, she would not have been able to survive.

I had crushed several healing medicines into my mouth and provided my energy to her, but my surprise, despite her taking all the healing energy, her healing speed had been extremely slow.

Seeing that, I started to eat more and more healing energy, which she kept sucking and her healing speed increasing, but the change in her heali

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