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Chapter 964 - Rule Of Healing And Swallowing

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I only have half a month, which is quite disappointing. I had thought with a month in hand, I would be able to collect materials for the last three levels of my Constitution, but with only fifteen days in hand, I would be lucky enough if I were able to collect the materials for level 10 and 11.

But nothing could be said when I am in this Ruined City; this whole city is filled with treasures. If I am lucky enough I might get herbs I need on the way, nothing could be said.

The War Tower is still lit up in blue color, which means it hasn't been opened and nobody knows when it will be open or whether it will open or not. One time the War Tower appeared a few days after Ruin opened, but it had not let people in even after closing time of the Ruin.

Though it had happened only once, most of the time when The War Tower opened immediately or within a few days.

From what I had heard a few minutes ago, The War Tower had appeared just three days ago, so there are great chances that it might open in a few days.

I looked at the blue tower and walked toward it. The War Tower is my best hope in getting the materials I need; I just hope that it will open soon so that I could start the harvest of materials from the Grimm Monster.

While walking toward the tower, I put a strand of my consciousness into my storage. I want to get a hang of the amazing runic formation that is present there and also see if there is anything that could be used for my Constitution Advancement.

But soon I found there was nothing there, all the monster cores, energy sources, herbal ash, even the blood from the Blood Pool had disappeared. The only things that remained inside are artifacts and such which couldn't be used in the Advancement, seeing that I couldn't help but sigh.

"Hehe, we have felt quite hungry, and now this human has shown up." I heard and saw five Grimm Monsters appear in front of me, I had sensed them before, but I had no interest in fighting them.

If it had been me a month ago, I would have been excited to see such a lineup of Four Peak Diamonds in the lead of the Initial Adamantine; that would have been a thrilling battle, but now they are just ants to me.

I gave them a side look before five small kindles of silver fires lit on my finger before they moved toward the Grimm Monsters. The leader of the Grimm Monsters opened its mouth to ridicule, but soon it sensed something, and the look of horror appeared on its face.

It had activated its speed method and tried to retreat, but before it could take a single step, the kindles seeped into it and the other four Grimm Monster behind him and next moment their bodies shine in silver light before ash started to fly away from their bodies.

Dhub Dhub Dhub…

The Armor and weapons the

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