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Chapter 956 - Illusion and Quintessence II

I tried a couple of times to contact Ashlyn, but seeing it is futile, I left it be and looked at the environment I am in. The Blood Mist had no change; it had the same aura and color as it had in the illusion.

If it were not for me feeling the connection with Ashlyn, I would have thought I was still in the Illusion.

I looked around to get a sense of direction but got no answer, and when I used my killing Rule, which is shaking madly for some time to sense the direction, things got even more confusing that I immediately cut off my connection with the killing Rule.

Usually, when I use the killing Rule, I instantly get the idea about the directions, but this time when I used it, my senses have become haywire that made everything even more confusing.

It's a good thing I did not make use of the Killing Rule in my battle earlier if I had then those skeletons would have been able to kill me, and I don't, which would happen after that as those who lost in the illusion were never able to come back ever.

'Looks like I will have to do this in the Old Fashioned Way.' I said in my mind and started to walk in neither slow nor fast fashion. Since I could not sense the direction, I will take help from the blood mist.

I have chosen one direction; if the Mist got dense, then I am in the wrong direction, and if the Mist Started to thin away means I am walking in the right direction if that had happened then I would get the hell out of the way.


But when I walked sufficient distance, I found a slight change, but this change is confusing as one moment, the Mist would thin out while another moment it would thicken.

Seeing that I changed direction but found everywhere is the same, wherever I go, I will get the same feeling from the mist. 'Have I entered too deep?' I asked myself.

When I entered the Blood Red Sea of Mist, I was in extreme pain, and that I did not have a sense of where Ashlyn was taking me, and when I knew I had entered the Blood Red Sea of Mist, it had become too late as I had already entered the mist.

Speaking of injuries, I had nearly forgotten about it, I thought, and began to check my injuries and found all of them have healed, and I am very sure that my injuries have healed. I am not in illusion as these small proof of that fearsome injuries were all over my body.

After a moment of looking around, I again started to look around for the way out, and I have to find the way out quickly as in a minute or two, I will enter another illusion, and dealing with it is going to be not as easy as the previous one.

Time passed when a minute later, I found the connection of Ashlyn, and mine was disappearing at very fast, and seeing that I knew, I was entering the Illusion. I had tried to fight it, but no matter how much I tried, I was not able to fight against it.

'Chew Chew…'

I had entered the Illusion, and my connection with Ashlyn wa

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