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Chapter 943 - Hilbert City

"Finally Finished," I said with sight, these Adamantine Level Blood Thralls seemed quite weak, but they are extremely hard to kill, and when that combined with pseudo immortality they have in the Blood Pool, they became a dreaded opponent.

I was able to kill that Dear Blood Thrall because; I poured all the power of Black Sand I had. If that hard had been slightly tougher then, it would have been really really hard to kill it.

I could feel the seething of the Blood Pool as I killed all its Guards, but it could not do anything to me, it is entirely powerless after its guards are incapacitated.

I did not waste time and quickly appeared on the edge of the Blood Pool and took out the red pill, which is a size of infants' fist before crushing it into the power. The powder fell on the lake, and a minute later, it calmed down completely.

This pill incapacitates the lake for an hour, as for why I did not use it before when I was fighting against the Blood Thrall because I did not want to die. The Blood Thrall is very protective of the Blood Pool, and if anything happens to it, they will self destruct their Blood Core.

Once their connection is broken with the Blood Pool, their Blood Core will detonate the next moment, and these Adamantine Blood cores have enough power to vaporize any Adamantine. I am still a Diamond; II would have no chance to survive under the detonation of the seven Blood Thralls.

Seeing the lake incapacitated, I took the white palm-size bottle, added mana into it before throwing it out in Blood Pool. A few seconds later, the Brown Red Blood in the Blood Pool started to get sucked in the bottle, and a minute later, the whole Blood in the Blood Pool had been sucked in the small bottle.

Blood may not be useful for us to consume directly, but it is a precious resource none the less. The Guild offers a very high price for it, and I am planning on collecting as much as this blood I can, this will help very much to gain the resources for the Adamantine.

The resources for the Adamantine level sell at the sky-high price, and some of the resources could not be brought by the price, and for that, one has to produce a thing of similar value.

The Blood is very precious, and so are seven twinkling red crystals shining on the surface of the Blood Pool. These Blood red crystals are Cores of seven Blood Thralls, and they are too as precious as the blood pool.

I collected the seven crystals, and like the bottle, I placed it in my storage. I looked around for something precious, but the place was barren, everything this place had, had been gobbled up by the blood pool.

Seeing there is nothing, I looked around; only to see I am in a packed structure. It is not a cave or natural-born structure, the texture of the wall that had been eroded by the time, that makes it look like a cave.

The air around the lake is also sufficiently fresh which means we are not undergroun

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