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Chapter 962 - Peak Adamantine

The Green energy that is transmitting to the Nero is not strengthening our connection, but it is also changing Nero. Nero is changing from within, the mutation of which had been at 80% previous had been completed, and another mutation had started.

It could be said that his constitution is also changing, which is a good thing as with the current constitution, the energy I would need for the level up would be fearsome that Nero's normal speed would not be that of any use.

Unlike Nero, my constitution had already changed. So Ashlyn is just giving me energy, she is filling an empty tank that my body is and giving it an energy which is making my level rise at inconceivable speed.

I had already reached the peak of the Platinum but now I am advancing toward the Diamond, it would take a few minutes for me to reach the Diamond stage, I thought as I watched the progress.

I continue watching the progress on all the fronts; I watch as the beings screams reach higher and higher as the Blood Red crystal shrinks smaller and smaller, as the time passed speed to chains sucking the energy also increases, making the process even more painful for it.

Soon, I reached the Diamond Stage and started to climb the higher levels of it. To be honest, I would like it if the energy were to take me to the Peak Adamantine Level, but I would be more than happy if it takes me to my previous level.

I am really powerful right now that I don't think that Crockman is even a match for me right now; I could kill it with a simple attack of mine.

Now with the current perspective, when I think about it, I became very sure that Earth Crockman was born with the Earth Constitution, and that constitution is likely a level 7 Constitution.

Only with that, it could have such amazing strength, but now I have a Level 9 Sin constitution, which is more powerful than the regular Elemental Constitution, I could easily beat it now and even able to do it when I was initial level Platinum earlier.

I am quite happy with my Level 9 Sin Constitution; I still hoped I would have gotten a level 12 constitution, only I had little more herbs, I would have gotten the Level 6 Constitution.

Though I am wrong about one thing, the little herbs would not be enough to take my constitution to level 12.

It had told me that the last three levels are the most important levels of the Sin Constitution and herbs it would need would be four times more than I had in my storage, and that is just for level 10, level 11 would have needed four times more than and Level 12 would have needed four times that of level 11.

That is a humongous level of resources, to gather that much of the resources I had needed more than a year, though the quality of most of the resources was low, the numbers of them were huge.

Well, nothing can be done about it, I should be satisfied by the Level 9 Constitution I had received, it had rocketed my power t

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