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Chapter 960 - Runic Chains

"It's a pity I only have the materials to take the constitution to the Nine Star," It said as a green blob of liquid floats toward me.

"Haven't you said that you only have materials to take the constitution to the Seven Star a few days ago?" I asked as last time it had said it only had the materials to take the constitution to Seven Star.

"Quite astute. Yes, that time, I only had materials to take the constitution to Seven Star, but in a few days, few people had entered the mist and were kind enough to provide me with the materials." It answered in a calm voice.

'Those unfortunate souls.' I said in my mind, this being many seem calm and polite when he talks, but it is vicious. I have no doubt about it killing those who entered; I just hope those who had entered weren't humans.


Soon the green glode of herbal essences touched me and entered my body; as it did, I had braced myself for another bout of intense pain, but I did not feel any; instead, I felt the most refreshing feeling I have ever felt in my life.

'Heaven!' I exclaimed in my mind as what I am feeling really felt like heaven. The herbal essence is flowing into each and every part of my body, filling the base that earlier bloody energies have created.

As the herbal essence started feeling my body, I began to feel a new Constitution rising inside me and bringing immense changes to my body.

My skin is feeling at a fast rate and revealing vibrant skin behind before that vibrant skin peeling and showing even more vibrant skin.

It is not only my skin but also my bones also having a change, I could feel them strengthening, and visible rate but these changes nothing compared to my level being regressing.

From being a Limit of the Diamond Level, I have now become Nine Star Diamond, and seeing how speedily my level is regressing; it wouldn't be long before my level regressed to Eight Star Diamond.

Though my level is regressing, I am becoming stronger and stronger. It is happening because of the Constitution I am gaining.

To explain in simple analogy, I compare myself to a water tank, which is getting bigger. As it gets bigger, the water inside which had earlier filled the tank to brim is going down in the tank.

I am a tank, and the power I had acc.u.mulated till now is water, which is not enough to fill the tank that is getting bigger and bigger at the visible rate, and power I had earlier was not enough to maintain that level, so it regresses.

As the level of the constitution advanced, my power level was going down. If this being would not be taking over my body in a few hours, I would have been very happy to see such development going and would have wished wholeheartedly that it would go as much as it can.

The more it goes down, the more potential I would have. As the Sin Constitution had reached Level 3, my level had gone down to Six Star Elite, and it is going down at the visible rat

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