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Chapter 1247 - Drastic Change I

The vines sphere had reached twenty meters in diameter, and it is still growing explodingly. Every second, it is growing by ten meters; by it, one can imagine the vines' speed of growth.

Soon sphere had already grown over fifty meters, and it is still growing every second; I looked at it with anticipation.

The Essense Rose made of Apex Inheritance will be something; the help it will give me will be huge; it will not only for research but also powering my Inheritance and create even higher curse resistance for me.

If Essense Rose is harvested, I plan on feeding it fully to the special formation. The formation had been collecting curse energy during the battle and purifying it because I want to fuse it with my body and Inheritance.

I could feel the curse inside me is growing stronger day by day, and if I want to survive when it erupts, I will have to increase the Curse Resistance of my body and the soul.

Like other Curses, it will not be easy to fool the curse e; it is a sentient bastard. Even if my Curse aspect derived from it, it would not help me survive from its wrath.

I could already feel its nascent emotions when I concentrated and its urge to consume me. This urge will not lesson; even if it finds me being part of it, I am very sure of it.

The Apex Inheritance it was part of must be something really to make curse have this urge to consume after getting sentient; it had multiplied hundreds of times.


"F.u.c.k, the bastard got away!" I cursed in frustration; the Vine Spear had grown more than a hundred meters in diameter, and when the vines were about to suck the last bit of its vitality and transformed into the husk, the bastard had desspeared.

It must have some life protection talisman; these talismans are bugging me; when I returned to the academy, I will have to find something which could help me stop these bastards from escaping.

There is something that could stop them from escaping, there is something, but it is far above my level; I have to find something which is my level.

Still, all hope is not lost; I had harvested huge essence from the running bastard; I think it would be more than enough to harvest the Essense Rose. With that thought, I concentrated, and the vines started to shrink rapidly at the visible speed.

Soon the vine spear has been completely disappeared, and its place is glittering Essense Rose. This Essense Rose is different from the other essence Roses that I had harvested; the energy density and grade of power are far above the essence Roses I had harvested from the peak Prince.

Once again, I reminded myself that I could not compare Apex Inheritance to the normal Inheritances; they are on a completely different level.

"The Rose is quite beautiful, more beautiful than the other roses that you have harvested," Gina said, who was beside me; I nodded in affirmation before storing the Rose in my storage.

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