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Chapter 1245 - Cursemaster I

It had been three hours since the battle started, and we have killed quite a lot of Special Profession Grimm Monsters, and all of them had not taken less than ten minutes to die.

The battlefield is not where we could take our sweet time fighting; we have to finish the fight as soon as possible before moving on to the next target like we are right now.

We have been moving around the battlefield since the battle started; all of the special profession Grimm Monsters are spread across the battlefield; though finding them is no problem, getting to them took time.

There are too many pesky flies flying around that want to take a bite out you; you have to cut them before you go on your way.


I was moving toward one of the targets we had selected when I suddenly stopped, and a bright smile appeared on my face before it turned very serious. Ive found the target; I wanted to fight for so long, I did not expect to find it a battlefield of Fort Ardon; Fort Ardon is too small for them.

"We are changing the Target; Ive just a sensed Apex Inheritance Holder Special Profession Grimm Monster," I told my team, and their expressions couldn't drastically.

"Apex Inheritance Host Special Profession Grimm Monster, isn't it very dangerous?" Jimmy asked.

Apex Inheritance Hosts are no joke, and add Special Profession Grimm Monsters on top of that; it became a deadly combination. They are harbingers of deaths, could kill far more than than the normal Apex Inheritance Grimm Monsters.

It is killing hundreds of humans each minute; nobody can get close to it, much less fight it. The curses of it are extremely dangerous that anyone who goes two hundred meters near it gets cursed automatically.

I have not only fight it but also save the few hundred people that had been inflicted to curse by it and now withering in pain.

"You guys are no match for it; I will deal with it. Just make sure nobody got close." "Make sure no human get close to fight; it is going to turn very dangerouns soon," I said and moved speedily toward the Grimm Monster.

This Grimm Monster was playing around till now, but if we started to fight, it would get real, and that would be very dangerouns for those who got caught between it.

Soon I reached close to the Apex Cursemaster and couldn't shudder by what I saw. It had created a hundred meter long Field of Curse Energy around it, and a person even slightly touched by it would fell on the ground and scream in pain while the curse will slowly eat their bodies.

Its Curse Energy Extremly powerful, if it wanted, could have killed it second, but it had left them in torture.

'Petal Protection!' I said, and as I reached close enough and next moment, hundreds of petals released from me and like a month went toward the people who are withering in pain.

It is an aspect of my healing move 'Rose Stamp.' it is very useful in healing a large number of people to

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