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Chapter 1270 - Birthday Celebration II

One by one, all the people from the nine Supreme have come, including those from the detestable Sky Saber.

Now only a few independent powerhouses and Envoy of the Pyramid have remained to come; they will also arrive within fifteen minutes before the celebration starts.

"Welcome." Said one Tyrant Professor as independent Tyrant have come and asked one of the Emperor Stage Professor to take him inside. In the next ten minutes, few more people have come except for the Envoy from the Pyramid.

I had just thought that when suddenly three people materialized, one Tyrant and Two Emperors wearing a red and long coat that only envoys from the Pyramid wore.

I looked at three people as their faces became clear, and when I saw the face of the leading women, I got completely stumped for a second. It had been nine years since I saw her, and she looked just the same or just more radiant.

"Welcome, Lady Catherine and envoys of the Pyramid." Old man Carlos said, and there was slightly more respect in his eyes when he looked at the women than others.

"Thank You, Sir Carlos." She politely replied before turning to me with a familiar smile that I've not seen in years.

"Micheal, its been a while, isn't it." She said as she comes toward me after excusing herself with old man Carlos.

"Yes, nine years, aunt Georgia," I replied. She is the mother of a childhood friend, rose, whom I thought was dead in a monster horde, along with her family, but it was all just an illusion.

She had lived in the same time town as us for nearly ten years; mother had hired her after I was born to seal the curse inside me, as this woman is one of the best in the world in the sealing Arts and also the one who had sealed my curse, if not for her, I wouldn't be here.

"Wow, you have all grown up." She said and ruffled my hair with familiarity, "and also got great Inheritance, your mother and teacher seemed to be very proud of you." She said.

"Thank You, aunt Georgina," I said; a flash of familiarity flashed across her eyes, and they became distant for a moment as if she remembers something from the past.

"You are polite as ever, Micheal; I wish Clair had learned something from you; she is still in her rebellious phase." Aunt Georgina said with a sigh.

Hearing her mention Clair, I couldn't help but remember the friend I had throught dead for years. We are about the same age, and with Tyrant's powerhouse as a mother, her progress would not be worst than me.

"How is Clair?" I asked, "She is fine; I would have brought her if she had not been in the Grimm Battlefield." She said.

"We will talk later, Micheal." She said she walked into the academy, seeing another guest appeared by the gate. "Ok," I said and put a smile on my face for the next guests that had come.

"First, Ellen Ashford and now Georgina Morse, you seemed to know a lot of important people," Elena said after the guest

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