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Chapter 1258 - Strangeness In The Hez Forest I

"Are you Micheal Zaar?" The leading dark hair woman asked, "Yes, I am here on the order of Headmistress." I replied and opened the order on my holowatch.

"I am Regina Cast, Ive been asked to provide you all the information you need about the forbidden zone of the Hez Forest." She said and was walked toward the four-story building beside her.

The building is a standard watch post building. It may look unimpressive, but once its protective wards are activated, even the King stage powerhouses would have a problem breaking into it on short notice.

Soon, we enter her office, which is medium size with a thick wooden desk and a couple of cabinets to keep the stuff.

"Are there any changes today?" I asked after I had got the latest info in the Professor's report, but I still wanted to check on the changes that might have happened in these past few hours.

"Yes, since midnight, the density of cosmic energy has increased by 0.12%, and its spread, two kilometers south and three kilometers north." She said, looking at her tablet.

It is clear that the gap is widening, and seeing such an increase in Energy, the gap is widening at a very fast rate. If this continued for a few days, we would have to evacuate the cities surrounding the Hez Forest.

The range of the Forbidden Zone will increase, and it won't be long before the whole Hez forest becomes part of the Forbidden Zone.

Professor had sent me here to find the reason for the strange behavior of Cosmic Energy and deal with it if possible.

Comic Energy is always weird, and its properties depend on the level of filtration it had gone through when it enters the world, but no matter how weird it is, it would not react to bloodlines.

It would have been fine if it reacted to one bloodline, but it responded to two different bloodlines the same way, and the Professor herself told me that her bloodline and bloodline of Elena are starkly different.

This had got Professor very excited that if not restriction this Energy creating on her, she would have gone there herself and the reason I am in, despite my teacher's birthday in a few days.

"This is all the latest data we have." She said as she finished, "Thank You, it was very helpful." I said as I got up from my chair, "I will be leaving them." I said with a smile and walked toward the door.

"Wait!" She said when I was about to reach for the door, "Is there something more you want to tell me?" I asked, seeing her calling me out.

" Cosmic Energy had become very different when it converged around you; it felt like you have been stared down by the beast." She informed me; I could feel a slight tremor from her voice when she said it.

She is likely one of the three King Stage powerhouses that the academy had sent inside for survey few days ago.

"Thank You," I said before I get out of her office. Soon, I got out of the building and shot toward the

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