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Chapter 1250 - Deaths

Another morning has come, and now we have a very clear edge over the Grimm Monsters and cutting them like grass, but Grimm Monsters are also fighting with their all, making us lose many people too.

I wish the battle would end soon and wishing that since I knew the battle would prolong till the end. There are too many deaths happening around me that I, who had fought over a hundred battles, started to feel suffocated.

I am not the only that is feeling that; many people are feeling suffocated seeing so much death, but they could not do anything but fight like an emotionless machine if we did not fight with our all, the Grimm Monsters, and seeing they still have a higher number than us, it will take them minutes to flip the trend of the battle.

Any human on the battlefield did not want to see it happen, so they are fighting. Despite knowing more people will die, holding back even slightly will result in grim consequences for all humans.

My team and I also killing any Grimm Monsters we are coming across; with the constant fighting of the two days, we are quite tired and liked to sleep, but we could not; there are still millions of Grimm Monsters present on the battlefield, and we have to kill them in considerable numbers to make them concede.

The special profession Grimm Monsters have become quite rare on the battlefield; we had to search across the battlefield before finding one. Instead of wasting too much time, we started to focus on stronger Grimm Monsters, who have a similar level of destructive power as Special Profession Grimm Monsters.

We target them; this way, we did not spend too much time tracking the special profession Grimm Monsters across the battlefield, but we always kept our senses active so that if we come across any Special Profession Grimm Monsters we would kill it first.

The afternoon came, and soon after the evening, the bodies of both Grimm Monsters and Humans littered across the battlefield, but there is no sign of battle ending could be seen.

Seeing so much death, I somehow have shut my emotions and continued fighting. If I had continued to see such deaths longer, I don't know whether I would have been able to remain sane or not.


Suddenly at midnight, the word I was hoping to hear throughout the battle finally rang out through the Grimm Monsters mouth, and second, after that, they started to make a retreat.

I watched silently as the Grimm Monsters made the retreat, counting all three armies of them, Grimm Monsters have about twenty millions-strong fighters, and now only half of them have remained.

I looked at Grimm Monsters before turned toward our battlefield and bodies littered on the ground; massive numbers of bodies littered on the ground.

I was seeing bodies of hundreds of thousands of dead humans, near million. All the emotions I had been suppressing till now suddely burst out, breaking the dam that I had built to sup

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