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Chapter 1260 - Big Bone

Another hour passed, and I again looked at the map, telling me that my destination is very close.

It better be; I could feel the strain that my Armor is feeling; though the seal is extremely strong and could endure far more than it is enduring right now, I still like to stay on the safer side.


I had just walked for five minutes when suddenly, I noticed something which made me stopped in my tracks.

As I was walking, I saw a dark grey mist present everywhere was thinning out, but on the other hand, the energy purity continued getting denser.

It is like a Grey Cosmic Energy is turning transparent for some reason, which I do not like. The more stranger things I come across, the more my instincts scream at me to run away from here as fast as I could.

I suppressed the running throught and moved forward; since I had come all this way, I will not get back before seeing the reason for this strangeness, and so, I continued walking.

Minutes passed as I walked, and the further I got, the more clearer it became till it became extremely clear. It is bright as day; not a speck of grey mist could be seen.

If not for crushing Cosmic Energy and withered tree around me, I would have throught I was walking in a regular forest.

Buzz Buzz Buzz!

I stopped, and a moment later, the band that Professor had given me gad started to buzz. I had reached my destination and could see thin like of about half a meter long floating midair.

It will be seen like string, but when one looks closer, one will notice that is line stationery in its place, and from that thin string, very dense brown energy is releasing or more like flooding in.

The ten-meter long huge bone on the ground is sucking all the brown energy coming from it before releasing the invisible energy. If one looks carefully, they will see that the bone itself is controlling the flow of energy; it is the one that is creating suction force on the space crack that is bringing out a huge amount of cosmic energy.

I look at the crack for a few moments before I turned at the bone; I did not have to be a genius to know that the reason for strange happening in the forbidden Zone is related to the bone.

It is the one that is sucking the huge energy and releasing transparent cosmic energy that had a weird feeling.

This bone is about ten meters long and pure crystalline; I could see the strange crystalline bone's twinkling stars. Looking at the structure, it seemed to leg bone of some feline monster.

As for how it had come here, I don't know; it could have come throught the space crack, or it had always been here, and now just now, it is reacting.

The bone is the reason for all the strangeness, and if I deal with it, all the problems with the Forbidden Zone will go way, but when I thought about dealing with it, I come with instinctive fear shackled my body that I could not move an inch.

"Boy, this is bone of

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