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Chapter 1256 - Visiting

"Its amazing; no wonder you got so amazed by the Tome," Elena said after taking a couple of bites of the food in front of her.

"Honey, it is not the deliciousness of the food that had amazed us but the process of making it, that is the real catcher." Teacher said while taking a bite from her plate. "I don't understand?" She said. "You will need it when you enter the tome." Teacher said.

The dinner lasted for a while before I left the teacher's quarters and flew toward the lakehouse.

It is a beautiful night, just like the day I choose the lakehouse. The moon is beautiful, and clear stars twinkling in the sky, my lake house in the middle of it all looked very beautiful.


I landed on the porch before walked inside and gritted with the familiar interior. I looked around the beautiful hall before sitting on the couch and opening the doc.u.ments.

These are a list of places on the Grimm Battlefield where I could go. Most of them like Fort Ardor but some of the places are extremely dangerous, right in the territory of the Grimm Monsters.

Getting into these places is very hard; there are two things these places have required.

One is strength, and the other is loyalty or a clean record; there are spies everywhere, one needs to have an extremely clean record down to the generation of Grandfather and Great Grandfather to get into these places.

Recommendations don't work there; even people from Supreme Organisation have to go through the same vetting process as others to get into those places, which means if I want to go there, I will have to go through extreme vetting.

I studied the list for two hours before I closed my holowatch and went to the practice room. There I took out a tub and filled it with cosmic energy-rich water before taking out a small bottle.

Tip Tip Tip…

I opened the small bottle and dropped nine drops of liquid into the water; as I dropped the nine purple drops in water, the clear water turned completely purple.

The purple drops are specially crafted refining solutions using root juice of Crown Tree and a bunch of rare materials like Miracle Fruit. It is an extremely precious, refining solution.


I gritted my teeth in pain as I submerged inside the water and started to circulate the energy through my veins. The refining solution is extremely painful, especially when I circulate through my veins; it felt I was circulating thousands of blades through my veins.

The assault that Cosmic Energy felt like a light pinch in front of the purple refining solutions. Though it is painful, its effect also great. It is at least four times more effective than using simple root juice in the cosmic water and, not to forget, the seals of supreme combat exercise I am creating.

Teacher knew I am using the refining solution to refine my body, but she did not know I am using my mana veins for circulation. If she knew about it, I am sure

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