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Chapter 1254 - Early Gift

"Welcome back, Micheal." Elena said as she hugged me, "When did you return?" I asked, from what we talked about a week ago, she wasn't supposed to return to Academy for a few more days.

At my question, a way too familiar smile appeared on her face, "Mom asked me to come early, and you know how she got when she did not get her way." She said, to that I couldn't help but give her an affirmative smile.

Teacher tends to get forceful sometimes, not only with me but with her daughter too; she and her sister are the same, so you should just put a smile on your face and do whatever she told you to; if not, she will get even more forceful.

"Let's go; mother had asked you in her cabin." She said; I stored the airship back into my storage and flew with Elena towards the teacher office.

Thud Thud!

A few minutes later, we landed in front of the teacher's office and walked inside. The Academy is the same; nothing had changed much since I had left four months ago.


Soon we reached the teacher's office, and Elene opened the door without knocking. There I saw the familiar scene of the teacher sitting behind her desk while Professor in front of her with legs sprawled across the table.

I am very well aware that the teacher did not like it when Professor put her feet on the table, but for some reason, she did not say anything about it, or maybe she said it, just not in front of me.

"Micheal, you have made good progress." Teacher said as she inspects me with her sense, "Reaching Mid Duke this early with your Inheritance is very good." She said I could tell she is really happy about it.

Compare to others; my speed is slow; many of my friends have reached Peak Duke Stage and Prince Stage, but Inheritance I have is different; I am creating my Inheritance and not following others so that the progress would be slow, and I had already accepted that fact when I selected the Inheritance.

Otherwise, why would I not even think about World Championship (Battle Kings) when everyone is so crazy about it.

"How are the effects of solutions we have sent you?" the teacher asked as I took the seat beside Professor, "They are good; just yesterday, I had gone through another strengthening, and I had been using the refining solutions regularly, their effects are great too," I replied.

The teacher had sent me a couple of solutions two weeks ago, both strengthening and refining, and their effects are quite good.

"Good, keep using them; the old guys will want to see the result of them before you leave." She said, and I nodded. I already prepared for them, even if they checked the result right now, I am sure they would be quite surprised.

Teacher asked me some more questions about my progress, and I had answered them one by one; she also gives me some tips, which she usually does when she finished with all questions.

Seeing her questions have ended, I took out Tome from my st

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