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Chapter 1277 - Victory

Suddenly twelve palm-size tri-colored roses rose from the ground and floated up while spinning gently.

This sudden development caught off guard many people; most duke and Princes have no idea where these roses came from. Only Kings and above had sensed them when I am sneakily releasing them in the underground.

Releasing these roses has put me under immense strain. Ive using four moves simultaneously. It might now be shown on my face, but it was like torture to me

James also noticed them and instantly become alert, the lines on his body shone even more brightly, and aura of his exploded further as he came at me like a furious tiger which wanted to tear me apart.


He launched one furious attack after another that my body started shaking my the sheer force of it. There too much energy coming at me, though the runes are sucking up all, such attacks leaving an impact on my body.

If this continued for a few seconds, then it won't be long before I had to take a step back to manage the impact despite my runes accepting all energy coming toward me.

But unfortunately, he won't get those seconds he needs to build enough momentum to start pushing me back. The roses have already turned into huge petals, and now they are coming toward us.

Soon the petals covered us as they transformed into the beautiful rose in the center of which we are fighting.


As rose assembled, it shone lightly, and next moment all the movements of James had stopped.

That is barely able to twitch able move an inch despite using all its power, which is quite surprising seeing the rose they became statues and barely move their throat muscles to let out the guttural roars.


James let out a roar, and a powerful aura burst out of him; it was extremely powerful that it gave him the energy to take steps toward me. I was shocked seeing that, and instantly moved four vines and bound him.

The vines sucked the blazing aura releasing out of him and formed a cocoon that now, except for his head, James could not move anything.

"You Lost," I said to James, with him completely bound in Vine and Rose, there is no way he could get of it unless he could burst out with the power of King Stage.

James did not seem to hear the voice and continued trying to break free while roaring wildly; it appeared to have entered some kind of state; it will be wise for me to keep him bound till he released from whatever stage he is in.

James' strange state lasted for a minute before he suddenly calmed down. The lines on his body desspeared, and his eyes and hair turned back to normal.

"I lost," James said; there was no disappointment or sadness in his eyes, just calmness which underneath blazing battle spirit is burning,

"It was a good fight." He said as I unfurled the vines and called back rose, "Yes, it was." I said this fight was very satisfying, made me stretch

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