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Chapter 1269 - Birthday Celebration I

"F.u.c.k, that old man is going to glower me to death," I said; I flew out of the cabin; it is only forty minutes since I had asked break for a change; Elena said that old had asked where I am.

'Benjamine Carlos,' Is one of the old Tyrant of Academy and also responsible for welcoming guests with us. He is very strict and likes to glower at anyone who made the slightest mistake.

Even Emperor stage professors would shudder under his gaze; the only person he talked to like a normal person is Elena, and that is because he knows her Grandfather and not to forget her mother is Headmistress.


I landed near the gate with a loud thud but not crinkle appeared on the suit. I had covered it with my energy to protect against wind and other things; I want it to be perfect until this birthday celebration ends.

"You look good; the suit brings out all your hidden points," Elena said as she appeared beside me. To her complement, I just smiled before turning to her, who has become a goddess in shimmering black gown."

"You look ravishing." I complimented; her long shimmering gown made her look extremely beautiful. Her gown is made of her some silky material that highlights every part of her body, and that daring neckline adds another charm to it.

"Let's go; the guests will start arriving in a few minutes," Elena said, and we moved toward the gate. A minute later, when we reach there, everyone was already there; I was the only one that hadn't come.

We appeared and stood beside Professor Angelica, who smiled at us, but the next second, I felt myself shudder when I saw old man Carlos glaring at me with his sunken eyes.

He continued looking at me for a few seconds before he looked away, and I heaved a sigh of relief. His glower felt like the gaze of the powerful predator who could eat me in a single bite if he wished.

We stood by the silence for twenty minutes when finally, the guests started to appear; the first guests were from Emperor Grade Organisation. They arrived every few minutes, and we welcome them according to their designation.

There is strict Etiquette who should welcome who, the professor and Tyrants welcomed Emperor Stage professors also welcomed the people from Emperor Grade Organisations, but if the attendee is Tyrant Stage powerhouse, then one of Two Tyrant Stage professor and I and Elena would receive them.

Old Man Carlos would only welcomes people from Supreme Organisations. He is a Council member, it will be beneath his station to welcome anyone lower. There are some exceptions, like some old monsters of Tyrants or the people he knew at the personal level.

We continued to receive the stream of Emperor Grade Organisation members for a while before Tyrants, and similar level people started coming in.

All the Tyrants Grade Organisation have sent Tyrant powerhouse for this function, which alone shows how they respect academy and teacher

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