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Chapter 1251 - Battle Ends

"Let's Go, Micheal," Gina said softly, understanding what I am going through; I nodded and flew back with the rest of the army towards Fort Ardon.

My emotions have stabilized right now, but I still feel that pain, more since my Rule leveled up since it let me see the Death even more clearly. I wish I had not comprehended that tiny Death aspect, but I know it is the right aspect.

Death is the Supreme Rule, and I comprehend some very tiny part of it is a huge thing. Many Tyrants have tried all their life to get a hint of the Death, but they never did, and I did it. I will be very helpful for my future.

Like before my the Killing Rule is still nonoffensive, but its sensory powers have received big boots and got some strange good abilities. Like a Death aura, which let me sense the numbers of people one has killed. It is different from the Killing Intent, or I say better.

There are other things which Ive got the hang of it, but with time I will do; for now, I have other things to worry about than Rule power than fiddling with my Rule power.

As we reach Fort Ardon, I did not fly down like the rest but directly enter the city from above the gates before entering the teleportation formation. I walked out of the plaza in front of the hospital and walked inside.

Like I had expected, the hospital is more crowded compared to when there is a normal battle. We have battled for more than three days and lost quite many people, so it is not surprising we get many more patients than usual.

I walked into the familiar Ward and saw all the healers healing patients crazily; looking at the faces, one could tell they are doing this for a while.

Ahhhh… Ahhhh… Ahhhh…

I looked at Ward before walking toward my spot and silently releasing my vines and second later, everyone who was busy know that Ive arrived as the mournful screams started to ring out across the Ward.

My healing method is painful, and these days when the battle is just over, it became even more painful. Other times, I am a little mindful of the pain my vines cost and tried to reduce it as less as possible, but in such rushing time, I do not have time to care about how much pain they are feeling; the only thing I care about is healing them as soon as possible.

The quicker I am, the more lives I will save, and that's what matters the most. So matter how much one screams at me being the devil during the healing, I do not, only saving lives matter and nothing else.

With that motto in mind, I continued healing with unmatched speed. I am most proud of two things about my healing; one is the number of patients I could heal, and the second is the speed I am healing them.

There is no healer here in the Fort Ardon who could match my speed, not to think my level; even those Prince and King Stage healers could not match my speed of healing.

The morning passed, and afternoon came; the four days have passed, and I am no

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