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Chapter 1255 - Early Gift II

Two hours passed, and teacher still had a glazed look in her eyes; I had expected she might stay in the Tome for hours but was still surprised seeing she hadn't come out as she could any time if she wished.

Seeing the might spent a few more hours inside the world in a book, I decided to stay for half an hour; if she did not wake up in half an hour, I would leave, there are many things that I wanted to do.

I had just thought that when the teacher moved, her eyes turned normal, and she looked fine; there was not a hint of tiredness that could be seein in her in eyes despite her spending one twenty hours in the book.

"Amazing, simply amazing." The teacher said, staring at the Tome before she turned to me.

"I guess you have found this in Castello Ruin?" She asked; I nodded. "First, the Inheritance, and now this looks like we have to reevaluate the value of the Castello Ruin." She said and about to open her mouth to something more when the Professor chimed in.

"Marina, what is in the Tome?" Professor asked, a palpable curiosity from her voice; the teacher looked at me before turning to the Professor as she slid Tome at her.

"Why don't you find out?" Teacher said; the Professor looked at her sister before she brought her feet down and stare at the first page like her sister, and before long, the same glazed look appeared on her face.

"Mom, what is it?" Elena asked while looking at Tome; her aunt is staring, "It is a cookbook, dear, the greatest cookbook of our world, I might say." Teacher said with a smile.

"A Cookbook?" Elena asked back as if she could not believe it, "Yes, don't worry darling, you will understand when you go inside it."

"You should also thank Micheal in advance; this cookbook will help you very much with the problem you are having with your bloodline." Teacher said to her daughter before she turned to me.

"How far have you gone?" she asked, "I learned ten recipes, and now I am stuck on the test," I said.

A look of surprise appeared on her face, and before it transformed that of the smile, "Your energy control is far better than I had imagined, but it is to be expected when you have this." She said.

"How far did you go, teacher?" I asked; I am sure she had learned far more recipes than I had in the two hours she had been in the book, seeing she is at Tyrant Stage and a powerful healer and healer are known for their expert energy control.

"27." She said, and I was blown away; I had expected her to learn more recipes seeing her level, profession, and experience, but 27 is quite shocking.

I am not surprised about learning twenty-seven recipes; she could easily learn many more. I am surprised about her learning twenty-seven recipes within just one twenty hours; she is something.

"Micheal, have you had dinner?" The teacher asked suddenly, and I shook my head, "Well, then let's have dinner." She said she got up from her seat, walked

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