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Chapter 1271 - Duals I

As we were chatting with the guest, suddenly all chatting quite down as the Teacher finally made an entry, hand in hand with Elena's father.

Both of them looked perfect, especially the Teacher who is wearing a long violet gown, she looked extremely beautiful that as she made an entrance, everyone's eyes got glued on her.

Professor invited the Teacher and her husband to the center of the ballroom, and at that moment, the band stopped playing, which gathered attention to the central stage.

"Welcome, everybody. Before I say a few words about my beautiful sister, I would like to thank you for helping us celebrate her 45th birthday." "We are so grateful that you took some time out of your busy life to join us here. Tonight wouldn't be nearly as amazing without you!" said Professor and raised the champagne glass in the air, which was mimicked by others.

"Happy 45th Birthday, my dear elder sister," Professor said, and the whole ballroom cheered, including me.

Usually, such speeches were given by spouses, but Elena's father is a member of the Supreme, and it would not do good for academies prestige to have him give the speech.

"Thank You, everyone, for gracing me with your presence; I can't tell you how happy I…" The Teacher started her speech. The speed lasted for a few minutes before she began to greet each person with her husband.

"Phew, I was finally able to get away; Sir John is too much sometimes," Ellen said as she appeared beside me. "I wanted to come to you, but I couldn't see how he is taking you from one person to another," I said, to that she just smiled.

"How are you feeling, any nervousness?" she asked, "No, I am quite looking forward to it," I said; I had never fought the dual in a traditional sense, and seeing so many people of the same stage as me, I couldn't help but feel excited.

"Be careful; the duals are not like a fight; duals require far more brains than the fights." She said. I couldn't help but nod at her advice.

Duels are fought in limited space, which makes the battles even more complicated. Here are strategy is very important; in the duel, those with slightly weaker strength have a chance to win over their stronger opponents if they used their brains well.

"This is seriously good; why aren't you eating any of it," Ellen said as she took another bite from her dinner plate. "I can't; I am practicing something which forbids me to take the foreign energies," I said.

Hearing that she arched her brows in doubt, she clearly did not believe my excuse, but she did not press it when I did not answer.

Two hours passed, and nearly everyone finished with food and chat, and now everyone is waiting for the last segment of the celebration; the Teacher had realized that she walked into the center of the ballroom.

Just as she did, a circle of one fifty meter diameter lit up with her as the center. "There are very things I have done which I am most

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