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Chapter 1261 - Fighting Primal Star Royal Tiger I


It was a primal roar that brought me out of my fear-stricken state, and when I looked in front of me, I saw a huge Beast, yes Beast, not a monster.

The bone is gone, and now there is Beast in its place, a real beast, not some phantom. It looked real, and I know I am the real world as I could sense the worldly energy and world rhythm.

The Beast is magnificent, completely different from anything Ive ever seen before in my life.

I have seen bigger and more scary looking monsters before, but unlike it, all of them were dumb monsters, but this one is different; it is Beast. This is one Beast, one that apex hunter with exceptional intelligence.

The Beast in front of me is a tiger type with a fifteen-meter long elegant body, black as night, and had the starry design all over its fur. It also had two meters of sharp teeth coming out of its mouth, which looked they could tear through anything.

The most notable feature about it is the Onix crown it had over its heard; it is clear that the Onix crown was is not natural, but it looks like it suited it perfectly to its regal figure.

The one thing that surprised me that this Beast in front of me has very level. A Knight who had just started practicing. I could not sense its battle power, but instincts are screaming at me, telling me that this Beast has the strength to kill me.

It is now looking at me with murderous which help raw killing intent which millions of times greater than my mother which it was not projected if it would have easily killed me and everyone else present in the world. Still, its sealed killing intent had frozen me into my place.


Suddenly, it let out the roar and came at me with a speed that seemed like a blur to me even with my advanced grade killing rule. Seeing, I knew I am the extreme danger; I have to get out of my fear state and face its attack; otherwise, I will be torn to shred without having a chance to fight back.


I scremed out internally as I pushed all my will into the fear lock I had been stuck into and broke free.

Just as I did, I found the Beast has arrived very close to me; seeing that runes inside me lit up and a sword appeared in my hands and swung it toward extremely sharp claw that is coming at me.


Crack Crack Crack…

My sword clashed against its claws, and the next moment, I flew back like a broken doll with blood in my mouth containing pieces of flesh and bones that were broken by the impact.

My attack was very powerful, but despite that, I was flung back with broken bones.

My inheritances swallowing formations got overloaded in an instant; I had to activate all crushing formation to release excess energy, and when even that wasn't enough, I took some excess energy into my body.

I had to do that; if I had not, the excess energy would have strained the formations of the Armor, and that woul

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