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Chapter 1120 - The Tower And The Sword

As I reached the Practice Room, I took out my Totem Artifact and found it became four times heavier. It is not much weight for me, but to the average Lord, it is immense that some of them would not even fight using much less to defend against its attacks.

Like I saw in front of that being, the blade is completely transparent that I could see the other side with the crystal clear clarity; the blade looked like it was made from the purest crystal.

The new sword had become more lethal now; it now had two enchantments. The first one is Blazing Sharpness, which my sword already had; it had now become even more powerful than before.

When I activated it by putting my fire ability, the bright red layer sufficed the blade's edges, and it became extremely sharp that just looking at me made me feel like cuts being appearing all over my body.

The 2nd enchantment is a new one, its call 'Herculean Weight.' It is just a fancy name of the enchantment of weight.

I could now increase the weight of my sword at my will. It was an awesome enchantment, a very practical one that would help me crush my opponents quickly.

I really like this enchantment, it will be extremely useful in the battle. With a heavy weapon, I could become a bulldozer, crushing any enemy that came into my way, I am glad that being carved such practical enchantment instead of some visual show off.

After checking enchantment, I started to look at the spirit of Abomination that had merged into the sword but I did not find anything. If not for the faint fluctuation of life I felt when I concentrate on the sword, I would have thought there is no soul inside my sword.

The fluctuation of life is very faint; when I tried to make contact with it, I did not get any response from it.

It feels like the soul is its nascent stage, and it might take quite a while before it grows and responds to me, and as for how it will grow, I have no f.u.c.k.i.n.g idea, the being did not explain anything about it.

After checking my sword, I took it back inside me and sat down, it is time to check my new refinement tower.

As I closed my eyes, a simple nine-story tower came into my mind, giving of the feeling of ancientness. The aura of Primality it had is something else entirely, feeling that aura, I just wanted to worship it.

As my consciousness touched the White Tower, I understood its working and also got a big urge to kill that curse the bastard who had given me this Tower.

The Tower is very amazing, but I could not use it till I create a template of my Inheritance and its inheritance energy.

The Tower could do many things, including refining curse energy that is hiding inside me but before all that, I need to have my inheritance energy refined through this Tower, till then the Tower is useless to me.

How easy to create the Template of Inheritance? It is not the armor I crafting; I am creating an inherit

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