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Chapter 1135 - Rose Cover

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"You will have to do something more if you want to injure me, much less beat me," I said and attacked.

As I attacked, a burning red line appeared on the blade edge of my sword, and also heaviness started to emit from the sword.

Samuels's eyes widened, but he reacted quickly and swung his saber as a counter with a speed that is equal to my sword.


Step Step...

Our weapons clashed, creating a huge sound while making Samula take a step back. Which shocked him before anger dawned on his face.

"Good, you are powerful that I had thought." He said, and the next moment, I felt an intense aura shot out of him.

"Hell Feather Cuts!" He shouted, and the next moment, the wings appeared behind him; unlike the wings before, these wings are extremely clear as if they are real.

As they appeared, they flapped, and hundreds of feathers nearly a thousand shot out of them.

Sup Sup Sup…

The feathers came at me at extreme speed; these feathers are small fingers but are extremely sharp and powerful. Each of these feathers has the power to kill a Peak Lord.

The Apex inheritance could not underestimate the power one can harness through it beyond compare. The powerful Lords and Dukes and horror on their faces as they looked at the armor.

I have to do something against this attack, or I would be skewed under this powerful attack. Normally, I would have dodged, I have the speed that would let me do it, but I could feel an infusion of will into this attack that would follow me until I destroy the attack or it destroys me.

So, I not only have to defend against but also destroy it, well it's a good thing I have the perfect defense move for that; this powerful attack will help me gauge the value of my newly created defensive move.

'Rose Domination Fifth Move: Rose Cover.' I muttered inside my mind, and a couple of formations inside me lit up.

Suddenly gentle wind could be felt around me, and thousands of tri-color rose petals appeared out of nowhere and started to swirl around me.

Clang Clang Clang...

Finally, feathers reached me and clashed against the feather, and instead of piercing through them, a sharp metallic sound started to ring out as they clashed.

As more and more feathers clashed, the rose petals became brighter and brighter, and they began to swirl around me faster and faster.

In six months, I have worked very hard to create the Inheritance and attacking moves that came with it. For all the moves I've designed, I added everything I have into them.

There are 1099 petals in defense attack, and each petal contains exquisite formation. Each of these petals carved by powerful, swallowing, crushing, and refining formation, also had the power of healing rule, which gave tenacity, and the most amazing thing is, all the petals for

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