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Chapter 1118 - Books

"It is beautiful," I said as I looked at the brown wooden house that is floating on the lake. The lake is medium size, and there are four of such houses, the Lord powerhouses house all of them.

The lake is artificial, but it had been more than a thousand years that it became natural.

The lake is deep, and the water on it is crystal clear without any impurity, and on the clear water, pearly white lotuses are floating.

These lotuses are the same as the peace breath Vines; they release a calming scent, and their effects are even better than vines. I looked at the whole lake, and one found a young man not much older than me sleeping on the boat as it drifts in the lake.

There is also a girl who looked to be the same age as me is fishing from her porch; she seemed very focused on fishing, not even moving a little as she held the fishing rod she had constructed with her mana.

Earlier, I had read that there are very rare Emerald Fin fishes in the lake, which are incredibly delicious and helpful to practice but notoriously hard to catch even with the power of the Lord, one has to try very hard to see them.

I gently floated toward the lakehouse, not wanting to disturb any of my neighbors; I had not learned to fly on my own yet and use the artifact.

After I applied for the lakehouse, it got accepted within an hour; I left the beautiful apartment in Glass Tower for the beautiful lake house right after receiving the confirmation.


I gently land on the porch, not wanting to disturb my neighbor whose house is floating just a little more than a hundred meters away; she is still wholly concentrated on the fishing.

As I landed on the porch, I took on the beautiful view of the lake before going inside. The interior is very comfy and lit with glass panels in the wooden walls, it all looks very beautiful.

This house has standard two Bedrooms, Hall, Kitchen, and Practice room. There is an arena underground. To reach, I have to take the elevator, which I will check later.

The first thing I have to do now is a shower; there is a thick layer of dead skin surrounding me. It results from a breakthrough into the Lord; it is giving me an itching feeling all over my body.

I tapped a few buttons on my holowatch before entering the bathroom, which is big and equipped with all state of the art facilities. I've spent half an hour there before I came out feeling completely refreshed.

I wore comfortable clothes and walked to the porch where the big box was already present; I lifted it and carried it to the kitchen. There I opened it and took out the ingredients before I started cooking.

These ingredients are quite expensive, and if not for the special privileges I have due to being Headmistress Student, I would never have been able to afford it seeing my current financial condition.

The Academy hadn't paid me for the Golden Turds yet, and Elina said it might take a while

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