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Chapter 1138 - Mistson

Four days passed by and in an hour, I will reach Mistson. It has been more than seven months since I have last seen my parents. Though I talked to them weekly, it is not as good as seeing them.

The pain of the break up is still fresh in my heart; ever since Rachel left, I have thrown myself into the work, not getting even a moment for myself. I hope time with my family would dull the pain of the breakup a little.

These four days have been very fruitful; I was able to solve many small problems with my moves and add some tiny things to improve their performance. The progress was small but satisfying.

Few hours passed by, and I came across the unbelievable scenes. I saw hundreds of tall snowy mountains that are thousands of meters tall, and then the beautiful buildings are buildings that have been built.

Some mountains have been carved from the mountain itself; I have heard about the Grandness of supreme but never have thought they would be this grand. The grandness is awe-inspiring, and each, and every building on the mountain looked like a piece of art.

The scale of it is also very big, though I can't guess properly due to the distance. I can tell that it is at least ten times bigger than the Academy and seeing it, I first time understood the majesty of the Supreme and knew the academy is nothing in front of it.

Time passed, and finally, the airship started to descend. The foreign airsh.i.p.s are not allowed to enter directly into the campus of the Organisation. Especially the one that is not on official business or manned by someone powerful.

Still, I got to land near the closest airstrip to the campus while other airsh.i.p.s had to land a while back.

Soon, the airship landed and walked out of it, and couldn't help but get surprised when I saw the cloud-piercing mountains and realized how tall they are.

After I stored the airship in my storage, the first thing I saw was a gigantic wall. From the airship, this wall did not seem big, but now I looked at it, I found it extremely huge.

I tapped a few buttons on my holowatch and came to know that this wall is twelve hundred meters tall. Twelve hundred meters long wall, that's how f.u.c.k.i.n.g long this wall is.

I looked at the huge f.u.c.k.i.n.g wall for full minutes before I walked toward the gigantic gates, few kilometers away. There are thousands of people coming and going out through the get, but the gate does not feel crowded.

"Cousin!" "Cousin!"

I heard a slightly familiar voice from a distance; I first thought it was directed at someone as I did not think my cousins, who I talked to few words, would come to the gate to receive me.

But this time, I seemed to be wrong as when I heard 'Cousin' a second time, I looked and found Joanna coming flying toward me, and she seemed to have a happy smile as she saw me, which confused me.

The last time when we saw each other, we barely talked a few words;

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