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Chapter 1136 - Rose Refinement

"You Lost," I said suddenly when sixteen roses came out of me, all the sixteen covering us in a perfect circle.

Samuel did not question my words; he saw sixteen roses start to glow and activated his defensive art.

His Defensive Art is quite amazing; a huge ten meters long pearl white phantom wings had appeared behind him and enveloped him in a tight embrace. Seeing the wings, my eyes started to shine, and I looked at the sixteen roses in anticipation.

Soon the roses started to shine brightly, and the next moment, a thin line of tri-color energy released from them and connected them.

'Rose Domination Second Rose: Rose Refinement!' I muttered, and the exact moment the sixteen roses had turned into sixteen huge petals of ten meters and gathered together, creating a big tricolor rose in the air which descended on the huge phantom wings covering Samual.

The tricolor Rose completely enveloped the huge wings that were covering Samual, and the next moment, it started to burn. The scene was extremely beautiful, the horrifying fire releasing through each petal, everyone mesmerized by it.


First, there was no effect, but soon cracks started appearing on the wings, and fire began to seep in. a second after that loud curse from Samual could be heard across the battlefield.

I could see how Samual is struggling against the burning rose that he had used another defensive method around him and is now trying to escape from the rose, but how can I make the attack so easy.

The attack contains the runic chains and mental beguiling formation; it is very difficult to get out of roses. Even before the rose, it would have been difficult for him to escape; once the set of roses have appeared, it is extremely difficult to escape.

The only way one could escape is to crash through the whole formation with sheer force, but that will be very difficult for him. For this move, not only I had used a quarter of my energy and summoned all the worldly energy I could but also used all the energy I got from him, so we will have to be pretty strong if he wants to get out of the rose.

He started to struggle, but all of his struggles were futile, like my defensive move. This move also has my signature swallow, crush, and convert formation. So, the attack will get stronger every time he tries to get out, and the only way to get rid of is, is with immense force.

"F.u.c.k F.u.c.k F.u.c.k…" for a minute, Samuel kept struggling with the help of his defensive duel measure, but soon the incinerating flames broke through his second defensive measure, and he started to curse loudly as the fire began attacking him.

"F.u.c.k! I lose Micheal, turn off this thing." Samual said after half a minute of struggling. I wanted to continue torturing for a few more seconds, but it will look bad for the Academy.

So, I called back my move, the petals separated again and turned back to roses befor

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