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Chapter 1129 - Rose Domination Third Move: Rose Vines

We soon appeared in front of the Grand Hospital. It is as big as the Grand Library and has a nearly identical design.

It is the biggest hospital of Academy and heals Knight to Kings; only those above King Stage were sent to a small hospital run by Headmistress and some retired powerhouses.

We silently walked into the hospital, people looked, but nobody stopped us. As we entered the hospital, I saw people suffering; there are very few people who looked normal.

Most of the injuries healed by the potions, even near-death wounds, are easily healed. Only some special kind injuries like energy contamination, poison, or curse needed one to go to the hospital.

In the hospital, more than half of the patients are inflicted with Curse, and the other 25% are inflicted with poison while the rest have the strange ailments that could not be cured through the potions.

"Headmistress." The man in the white coat who looked to be in his mid-forties said as we reached the door of one ward, he is very powerful, if I am not wrong, then he is the Emperor Stage powerhouse. "Is everything prepared?" she asked.

"Yes, everything is arranged as you had ordered." He said while taking a glance at me, the teacher nodded and entered the ward with the man, me, and professor followed behind.

When I had entered the Ward, I rows and rows and rows of bed, there must be around fifty beds, all of them are occupied by people and except for their blurry figures, nothing could be seen as all of them are encased in a protective layer.

Aside from them, there are also many seven healers weakest to them is Duke Stage while strongest at King Stage.

"Professor Nathan, open the protective layers of all the Lord patients." Teacher ordered a middle aged man.

"How many headmistresses?" he asked again, taking a look at me, "All of them, my student going to heal all of them." Teacher said with a smile as she tapped me on my shoulder.

That tap of hers feels like the sword of Damocles; if I did not perform up to her impossible standard, then then it will hell for me; professor Josephine also seemed to understand it, which is why she looked at me with pity.

The emperor powerhouse was startled hearing it, but he followed the order nonetheless. He happened a few buttons, and soon the protective field on the forty patients had been removed; only ten remained enclosed.

Some of the people immediately opened their eyes and as the protective field of their bed opened while some remained unconscious. Just one look at them was enough for me to tell they are inflicted with a curse.

I could see some even reached advanced stages of infliction and had guge changes started to appear on their bodies. One patient had his body completely turned dry like tree bark while others had spores present in every inch of their body.

Despite seeing such conditions tens of times with my multiple vis

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