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Chapter 1127 - Merging With Inheritance Template II

The runes kept sucking energy in frenzy for about thirty-five minutes before it finally slowed down, seeing that I finally heaved a sigh of relief.

My estimation was wrong again; the runes have sucked five times more energy than my initial estimation, which had already scared the shit out of me.

It feels good that the teacher is not far away from me; she is at the boundary of the platform looking at me with an intense gaze.

She using a powerful eye skill that Inheritance Granted her to see everything that is happening to me while also furiously taking notes with her energy controlled pen.

I could see the excitement and worry in her shining silver eyes; since I've become her student, she had been trying to convince me to change my Inheritance in nearly every lesson, but since three weeks ago, she entirely stopped when I showed her the template for the first time.

In the past three weeks, she has helped me very much perfecting my template. Identifying the small mistakes that I was not able to see and even helping me change some parts of the template before it became what it really is.

'It isn't going to be pretty.' I thought as finally the runes stopped taking the energy, what will happen next will not be painless; I had just thought that when I found my body heating up.

When I looked inside me, I saw runes lighting up like the resplendent sun, and three seconds later, they started merging inside me, and I felt pain like never before, even the pain of curse I felt in the airship felt pale in front of it.


I couldn't help but scream loudly as I saw all the runes merging into my body at the same time. It felt like my body and soul was getting skewered in the lava.

The pain is extreme, but I am still able to sense the changes it is bridging to my body. I could feel those runes are bonding with my constitution, and once I successfully merged with these runes, I will be able to harness the power of the Apex Constitution that I was never able to do before.

I can't imagine how powerful I've become just with that, not to forget, the power of the Inheritance I will have, but before that happens, I have to survive. These runes are getting deeper and deeper into my body and soul, which is increasing my pain.

I am feeling pain reaching above my limit, and I am slowly losing consciousness due to it. I can't let that happen; once I lose consciousness, everything would be for naught.

So, I held on, despite feeling immense pain and compulsion to let it all go and rest, I held on as runes dug deeper and deeper inside me. They continued going deeper before they finally reached the place where the Curse is, its tar-like body covering me.

But did not seem to faze the runes as they continue to go deeper and deeper into me. The runes may not have reacted to the curse, but the curse had reacted seeing the curse and started to go fren

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