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Chapter 1115 - Student I

'F.u.c.k, that was intense!' I cursed as I become conscious; what happened earlier was way too intense. If not for the Headmistress energy protecting me from any harm, I would have shredded into pieces by two Tyrant level energies.

Still, it is good something like this happened; I have got a better idea about the curse inside and curses in general.

The Tyrant level curse is the most powerful curse of our world, and seeing it in its full glory gave me quite an insight into Curses and made me realize how dangerous the curse hiding inside me is.

Another thing is the Duke level curse is still inside me and unsealed; with the power, I had seen from Headmistress, she would have easily been able to vaporize the curse, but she did not; she left it untouched.

After checking everything inside me, I opened my eyes and found a room completely empty. There is no one in the room which was filled with four people before.

Seeing that I got up, only to notice the state of clothes, the headmistress may have saved me, but she did not save my clothes; they are in a complete shamble. Seeing no one is in the room, I decided to change; I don't want to come across like a beggar when I go ours.

I took off my old clothes and sent my consciousness into my new storage to take out new clothes when I noticed the state of my storage. One of my storage, sprawling with things like supermall, is now nearly empty.

My storage is nearly empty, my crystals and rare and precious metals, the thousands of Grimm Monsters weapons all were gone, I've become so poor that I became incapable of supporting myself.

The inheritance I've selected myself will need enormous resources as this time; I am creating the inheritance or not simple Runic Armor, whatever I create will affect my body and soul.

Nearly everything I could sell is gone, and most things that have left hold a little value; it's a good thing that my new airship has remained. It had not taken it to upgrade my sword. It is good nothing happened to it; otherwise, I will not answer the professor.

I was just sighing in the sadness of my current wealth when I noticed a pile of glittering gold or turd seeing where it came from. Earlier I had thought about where the impurities went as they were on the platform, but it looked like that being was considerate enough to store them back into storage.

Seeing them gold like impurities, my eyes couldn't help but shine; I still remember how valuable the impurities had gotten from the blob were. They were perfect mold to create the Totem Artifact.

These golden nuggets might turn something like that, and these maybe even better. Seeing how these nuggets are refined under the powerful flames of that being, their value must be a lot higher.

I will have them inspect them as soon as I get out. I am really in need of money right now.

Feeling remaining n.a.k.e.d for a long time is not a good thing; I take o

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