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Chapter 1097 - Back To The Garden

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"It feels good," I said as I came out taking a long shower. As I came out of the shower, I found everything clean and fresh. There are no dried impurities or that weird smell.

I tapped a few buttons on my holowatch, and soon, a full-body mirror came out of the ground.

When I looked at myself in the mirror, I couldn't help but feel impressed. I am not narcissistic, but I looked like I have been carved out of the most precious stone. Every part of my body has become defined; even my average face had some improvement.

My eyes had the biggest change; they seemed full of life; it is like life itself is flowing out of them. It is likely due to my constitution; the Healing element seems to have done some magic to my eyes.

I have the Seven Elemental Constitution right now, which has made every part of it filled with energy. I've become very powerful; I could literally feel strength bursting out of every part of my body.

I am getting an amazing feeling; not only has my body become stronger but my soul too. My senses have become powerful even without actively using the Killing Rule because they are using it passively.

The Sin Constitution had been erased, and now I have the Killing Constitution, which has made my senses very powerful. I am not sad about the Sin Constitution being erased; instead, I am happy.

There are many Rules powers contained in the Sin package, but I had only comprehended one and that is Sin Rule, the killing Rule due to which I could not fully utilize the power of the Sin Constitution.

If I wanted to use my Sin Constitution to the fullest, I would have needed to comprehend a couple more Sin Rules which I have no time to do. With this Rainbow Constitution, which is what I am calling it now, I have nearly every aspect of the Constitution in me.

Even for the Curse aspect, I have two Curses that are lingering inside me. Though I do not know if I will be able to use them or they will attack me with every chance they got; still the Curse aspect of my constitution helped me dealing with the Duke Level Curse.

I looked at myself excitedly and wanted to test my powers, but the airship is not the right place to do that, nor is Midzone even in Warzone; I will have to search very hard to find the right opponent, and now I had no plans to go to Warzone.

From the beginning, the reason I was going to the Warzone was so that I could break through to the unknown level of Knight, and now that I did, there is no need to get there.

There is some other business to finish, but they are not important; I already know the information about the people who sat on a high table and who did not address my grievances despite sending a hundred mains in my desperate times.

If they wanted to, they would have solved all my problems

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