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Chapter 1105 - Research I

"Thank You for the tour," I said as we returned at midnight, "You have only seen a small part of Academy; when you have time, I will show you the real Academy," Elina replied.

The Academy is too big to see it for a few hours, and there were many restricted areas for Knight like that even she, the daughter of the headmistress, could not enter without a proper reason.

We were just talking when we heard footsteps coming toward us; when I looked, I saw a small group of people coming toward us in the lead of the young man and women who looked to be a year older than us.

Seeing the group approaching us, a smile on Elina's face dimmed a little, but she continued talking as she hadn't noticed.

"Elina, it's been a while, who is this friend over here," said the young man in the lead asked, "He is Micheal, aunt has recruited him personally," Elina replied without any emotions.

A small surprise flashed into his eye for a moment before it disappeared, "He must be quite talented to be recruited by Professor Josephine directly." He said and carefully looked at him.

I also looked at him; he is quite powerful. From what I am sensing, he is even slightly powerful than Edmond; even the group of people surrounding him are quite powerful; each of them has power equal to or greater than Elina.

And all of them had reached the Limit of Knight; I thought reaching that level is quite difficult, but here I see a bunch of people at the limit. One could not underestimate the people from Central Continent; they are on a whole new level.

"Well, it's nice to see you, Sam," Elina said before she dismissed him turned to me. I; I could see the expression of a young man turning cloudy by dismissal, but Elina did not seem to care.

He looked at me for a moment with enmity, which I did not we ever had and left with his group. "You know, your dismissal of him had earned me his enmity, what would I do if he decided to challenge me?" I asked Elina with a mock scared voice.

"Oh, you will be fine, you would not need even a minute to beat him up," Elina said, and she is right; with full Armor, I might even be able to beat him with a single move.

We talked for half an hour before we said goodbye and went back to my apartment where I slept after I changed into comfortable clothes.

When I woke up, was early morning, after freshening up, I cooked breakfast for myself and Ashlyn and were about to head toward the practice room when I suddenly stopped.

I've been doing this for a few days now, practicing Body Cleansing Method. It is a thing I will do every morning and evening, but I finished it, but my body and mind seem to forget that as nearly every day, I would find myself heading to the training room for the practice of Body Cleansing Technique.


I walked back into the hall and about to make plans for the Library when my life buzzed and with the notification. When I opened it, a lis

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