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Chapter 1109 - Creation Heart Inheritance III

I slowly walked toward the platform before climbing on it before sitting next to the Heart. The Heart is not big. It is just a palm-size thing. I am seeing different colors of it despite concentrating on it to look at its real color.


'It is time to imprint the Inheritance.' I said in my mind and gently placed my hands on the floating Heart. Just as I did that, the Heart started to shine brightly and the green and while runic formations began to appear on the formation.

As the formation appeared on the Platform, they started to release faint green and white mist. I had not taken out any resources because this platform contains all the resources I need in extremely pure form.

The green mist is an extract of many herbs, while the White mist is energy from the energy crystals. The Platform contains a huge number of these resources, so I won't have to worry about them is not enough.


Seeing everything is ready, I close my eyes and begin my breakthrough into the Lord Stage. Just as I did, a shudder ran through my body as my body had been a vortex and started to suck the misty energies that Platform is releasing.

At the same time, I saw the energy of heart come inside me and started to spread through every inch of my body and soul. I had to expect the pain as some Inheritances tend to give it, but from it, I am not feeling anything.

If not for seeing the energies of Heart are imprinting themselves into every part of my body, I would have never thought I am imprinting an Inheritance.

The Imprinting of Inheritance takes a long time, most Inheritances took one to three days, it's a good thing this Creation Heart Inheritance only took a day.

This less time applies only when one accepts Inheritance when breaking through the Lord if one accepts when one is Knight and not have any interest in breaking through, the process took weeks.

Time passed, and I found my body is opening from many places to suck the energy, and to be honest, I am kind of shocked by the amount of energy I am sucking inside it. It's like my body has become a gluttonous beast who wants to swallow everything.

The platform that I am sitting in is releasing as much energy my body needs; the energy released on the platform depends completely on me. If I needed more energy, It would release more energy; if I needed less, it would release less.


More and more energy started to come inside me when sometime later, the moment I was waiting for had come. The worldly energies started to come inside me, and just as that happened, I concentrated everything on it.

For the stages above, Knight, worldly energy is very important. It is a thing that makes powerful attacks even more powerful. It is due to this worldly energy; one could freely fly in the air without needing any artifact.

The control of Knight over the world energy is very limited, but still, I wa

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