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Chapter 1091 - Completion Of Secret Method

White energy flooded through me like a broken dam and spread through every inch of my body as it did, it started to push back a curse, it is not destroying it, just pushing back, but that is enough for me.

The curse is getting pushed back as a huge amount of White energy started filling every cell on my body. As it spread, Nero came out from the sneak hole he was hiding under.

The curse was too dangerous to even for a special being like Nero, he had hidden in front of the curse, but now the curse is getting pushed back; he came with red eyes seeing an unlimited amount of hidden energies started to come out from deep inside my body.

Life flood had occurred, wherever the white energy passed through, it brought out all energies that were hidden in my body, huge swaths of energies had started to come out with a shocking amount.

There are even lots of Miracle Fruit energy which Nero ran to eat; as he started to change, the mutation began to occur in him. The Miracle Fruit energies are the best food for Nero; they could begin a mutation in him immediately.

As the Cleansing Energies started seeping through the energy part of my body, impurities began to come out in vast amounts; I was by their quantity as I was completely covered in impurities within a few seconds.

I was just observing the whole energy when I saw 20% of it moving toward my soul; it was not a surprising thing; it had been happening since the Grand Cleansing started, one-fifth of the Cleansing Energies would always move toward my Soul.


As the Cleansing Energy entered my soul, something amazing happened; it started to refine Soul Tempering Essence as it touched it. I just have to circulate the Secret Method to fuse that refined energy.

With the Cleansing Energy, the speed of refining increased tense of times, more than a hundred times as Soul Tempering Essense started to disappear inside my Soul, it was such a shocking scene.

With it being done, if I survived, then I would not have to worry about the poison that Soul Tempering Essense will cause to my soul. If I am wrong, then it would not take more than three minutes to refine all the energy.

'The Supreme Cleansing really lives up to its name.' I thought as I saw the refining and merging of the Soul Tempering Essence.

I wonder with so much refined Soul Tempering Essense merging into my soul, will my Secrete Method will reach the completion, I hope it does; its fulfillment may be able to buy some time for me.

I looked at the process for a while before I again started to track the cleansing energy as it goes deeper and deeper into my body, pushing the curse deeper.

As the Cleansing Energy goes deeper inside, more impurities and energies come out; my whole body is getting covered in thicker and thicker impurities every moment.

As I watched the flow of Cleansing Energy, I saw it is having no problem in seeping deepe

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