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Chapter 1103 - Headmistress Marina

"So how were you guys trip?" said a beautiful woman in her early forties who is sitting behind the ornate desk; around her, there are multiple projections that could be seen shining, but her focus is on two women sitting in front of her.

One is her daughter, while another one is her sister, who has her feet on the table, which she did not like. If it had been anyone else, she would snap, but she could not do anything else against her sister.

"It was very good. I have found an Incredible student for the Academy." Josephine said, "Are you talking about Anna Michealson's son?" Marina asked, "Yes, he is very talented and hardworking." Josephine, hearing that Marina couldn't help but feel surprised.

She knows the nature of her sister, who would not even praise those who have got Apex Inheritances and Bloodline, so her praising anyone means there is something special about it.

"What is so special about him?" She asked, feeling extremely curious, "You will know in the future." Her sister said mysteriously, hearing this flash of anger couldn't help but appear in her eyes.

Her sister had some really bad habits, and she really wished she had coddled her too much when they were children, but it's too late now; she could not beat this younger sister of hers who could throw her away with a flick of her wrist.

So, she gulped down the anger turned towards the apple of her eyes, "Darling, I am proud of you, now that you have reached the Limit of Knight, you have finally become capable of getting a powerful thing that your aunt had found for you." she said with a smile.

A few years ago, Josephine had entered a very dangerous ruin to search for the cure for her problem, she did not find a cure she was searching for, but she did not return empty-handed either.

She found the Miracle Fruit, A Bloodline Fruit, to be exact. Formed in the place where the blood of powerful beings had fallen down or powerful beings died and created Bloodline Fruit after thousands of years.

Her sister could be said to be one of the luckiest people in the world when it comes to finding powerful Miracle Fruits. Normally, people would not find a single Miracle Fruit, but my sister found two in her life, and both of them are extremely powerful Bloodline Fruits.

When my sister ate that Bloodline Fruit, she was a Knight and the 8th level of Knight, a quite weak person to eat such powerful fruit. Though she survived eating that fruit and gained extremely powerful Bloodline, still come complications have occurred and for which had been finding cure till now.

She did not want the same problem to occur to her daughter, so they have waited still now. Though Elina is still quite weak to consume the fruit of an unknown bloodline, still it is the right time for her.

Consuming it after she became Lord might create bigger complications as that time, the inheritance will be imprinted inside her forever. The

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