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Chapter 1098 - Return

"That went better than expected," I said as I walked out of the cave. I spent nearly half a day in the cave. Training there had really helped me get full control over my strength.

Not to forget the amazing fruits I got, especially the one at Admantines Level. Those fruits are very rare; they could help one get an epiphany about the unknown stage of knight; it is simply said that they could increase the chances of one reaching the limit of the knight.

Regretfully one tree had only two of those fruits, and I got four in my storage; Ashlyn had given me her two fruits.

I don't need these fruits since I had already reached the Limit of Knight, but there are many people who need it, especially those like Elina who had got slight comprehension of this unknown, it will be most useful to those people.

As I got out of the cave, Ashlyn flew down on my shoulder. I had sent Ashlyn out before to check whether anyone is in this area; I don't want to be seen by anyone, especially humans, which I could not kill.

After getting out of the cave, I made my way into the city. There I slept for some time before I went to meet the few people I know; the meeting took a while I returned at late midnight.

Instead of entering the Manor, I flew to the roof Manor and took out the airship, and flew back to Cometh City in a stealth mode. Everything I wanted to do in the Grimm Battlefield, I did, and now it's time to reach Central Continent.

I will return, though, as soon as I made some progress in the stages above Knight. The Garden had many amazing things, and I wanted to use them while they were useful to me.

It will take little more than a day to reach Cometh City, and it is fine for me; there are still many things I have to do.

So, after waking up in the morning, I freshened, showered, and ate before I started to comprehend the 2nd Chapter of Eldritch Sword Art.

As I started to comprehend it, I was surprised to find that my comprehension speed had increased quite much; I am understanding things more quickly than before.

The Secret Method had completely cleansed my soul, and that increased my comprehension power. With such comprehension speed, it should not take me more than the month to comprehend the 2nd Chapter of Eldritch Sword Art.

I opened my eyes in the evening, I had been comprehending for the whole day, and I had benefited a lot; it would have been quite good if I were not in an airship, I would have really wanted to try some moves.

Though the airship had a practice room, it was not as big as I needed, so I could only comprehend it, not test it. After walking out of the practice room, I went to a small kitchen where I cooked something for Ashlyn and me.

After eating, I read for a few hours before sleeping; I am going to reach Cometh City, I hope the Grimm Monster will not attack me.

This time though, I've taken sufficient precautions and had even called the profess

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