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Chapter 1107 - Creation Heart Inheritance I

"So which inheritance have you selected?" She asked as she sat opposite to me, "Creation Heart Method." I said I replied, hearing that the expression on her face has changed abruptly.

"Oh, that." She said after some time, her expressions were a little weird when she said that. I did not expect this kind of reaction; I had expected her to be burst out and say I should not use such inheritance.

"It's been thousands of years since anyone was able to do something with that Inheritance," "Nearly all those who got that Inheritance ended up destroying their foundation, so they could start again with another Inheritance," She said, reaffirming my belief.

"Choose another Inheritance Micheal, too many people have regretted getting that Inheritance." She advised, hearing that I just smiled.

"It is your choice, and even if you ended up destroying your foundation, you would not lose much except for time."

"The Grade 12 Special Constitution of your will heal all the foundation damage you have received." She said with a sigh seeing I am going to choose the Creation Heart Inheritance

"I would have chosen other Inheritances, but it is the only Inheritance which gave me absolute freedom to do what I want," I said, hearing that Elina just smiled, probably not understanding what I am trying to say.

Elina stayed for ten more minutes before she left after she left, I opened a lengthy form from my holowatch and started to fill it. The form is very complicated and sometimes I have to think for a while before writing their answers.

The application took me about two hours to fill before I hit submit. With that done, I laid on the bed, tiredly, massaging my head before I got up and opened my holowatch again.

I am browsing through the Academy's marketplace. I want to buy some cooking ingredients. The ones I have are in standard of the native continent, even if they are good, they are nothing much in the Central Continent.

When I opened the food section, I truly understood, the stuff used to come from the Central Continent is trash compared to what I see right now. With glittering eyes, I looked at these materials before I bought them.

All of the things are pretty expensive, but I could afford them, and it's not like I am buying in loads. I am only buying a few days' worths of things; after I level up to Lord in a few days, I will have to buy things to that standard.

Ten minutes after ordering, the drone had delivered everything I started cooking, feeling quite excited about the new materials I would cook with. After I decided what to cook, I started with it right away.

It took me more than an hour to cook everything, and when it finished, it smelled delicious that I had to stop Ashlyn from diving into the pot directly. Soon, I set plates, and we started eating.

Forty-five minutes later, we finished, and now both me and Ashlyn sitting bloated on the balcony

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