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Chapter 1092 - Limit Of Knight I

Hearing the crackling sound, I stopped in my tracks on breaking through the unknown level of Knight.

I am quite surprised that I am breaking through the Secret Method, though I had expected it might happen, it still left me quite surpriced.

The cleansing energy of the Body Cleansing Technique has pushed back the Curse; though it is temporary, it still brought me some time, and with the final Breakthrough of Secrete Method, I am sure it will be able to buy me some more time.

Not to forget to get there is a breakthrough to an unknown level of Knight; I hope it gives me some lifeforce, So I won't die till I reach the Midzone.

Seeing the breakthrough coming, I started to push Supreme Combat Exercise like never before. With only one method in circulation, I completely push my all on it; I hoped when I returned, I would have Ruby Seal; it will help me very much.

Crack Crack Crack...Bang

The cracks spread through the soul, and seconds after that, I heard the loud bang. It was many times louder than the normal band that resounds when I break through the levels of the Secrete Method.

As the Bang resounded, I was enveloped in familiar darkness, and when my vision cleared, I found myself in the Conscious Space.

'Hun! No pain!'

I thought as I found myself free of that soul breaking pain, there is no pain I am feeling, I felt liberated without the pain. Even though the Curse had been pushed back, I was still in pain, but now, there is nothing.

I reveled in my condition for a few minutes before I started to experiment. The time in the consciousness is precious, and I have too many things to experiment on, so after I calmed myself, I started right on with my experiments.

Shake Shake…

Time passed by, and I was extremely surprised that I had spent four times more in the Conscious space before it started shaking, notifying my exit. I was able to do many experiments and changed my Armor a little.

In the fight with Edmond, I had found too many mistakes; I had not only fixed all of the mistakes but also made it better, the huge time I had to help me very much this time.

"F.u.c.k!" I cursed loudly as I came out, the torturous pain descended on me as I had returned to the real world. It had me like a hammer and made me nearly blacked out; if not for me forcefully stealing myself, I would have surely passed out.

I don't know how much time has passed, but there are big changes that have occurred in my body and soul; I've made huge progress in Supreme Combat Exercise.

The Supreme Cleansing is still going on, and now it has set a target on my Mystic Methods.

The bases of the Mystic Method are flowing out of my body, the Cleansing Energy destroyed them, and now they are flowing out of my body. I am surprised to see that, as I know Supreme Cleansing takes out the Mystic Methods, it considers them impurities of the body.

I am surprised that Tower le

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