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Chapter 1110 - Three Gifts I

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Nearly a day had passed, and Inheritance Core started to loosen its grip on the energies. It is still forming, but it takes less and less energy which means its completion is near.

As time passed, its energy demand had also started to lessen till it barely required the trickle of energy; in a minute or two, it will be complete, and I will be able to see the shape of my Inheritance Method.

'Good Boy, You have selected a Creation Scripture.' A Primordial voice suddenly rang through my mind scaring the shit out of me, this voice feels too old, older than the world itself, and for some strange reason, I can't seem to tell the s.e.x of the vote; it feels both male and female at same time.

I was just searching for a voice when suddenly everything in front of me turned black, and the next moment, I found floating myself in front of a humongous red ball of Blood.

For a moment, I found it unfamiliar when something clicked inside when I saw green runic chains binding the abomination which was thousands of times smaller than it used to be and blood which used to be small and now had grown hundreds of times bigger.

I looked at the Abomination, which had terrorized me once, and now itself, it is terrorized. Thousands of its eyes are filled with terror, and are completely stilled, not creaming and clawing like last time when I saw it when it was bound in the chains.

If not for seeing the small shine of life remaining in its eyes, I would have thought it is completely dead. Still, it is no better than dead, whatever chains had done to it had completely broken it, and it could be said that it is now a living dead.

Taking a look at Abomination, I looked around, searching for a person who had talked to me just now and brought me to this place. I really don't like this unknown voice nearly every ; most times, I had come in constant contact with them; I found them wanting my body.

'Are you searching for me, Boy?' I heard a voice, and it came from the giant blood drop, "Who are you?" I immediately regretted not keeping my voice respectful; it doesn't hurt to be respectful. It is because of the politeness that the blood-red being had answered quite a few questions of mine.

'I am Arrenthius, Titan of Annihilation. The Greatest Titan to be ever born.' The voice boomed. When I heard it, it simply sounded like boasting to me, if this guy was so great, then why did it end in the hands of an abomination who was very gleeful to refine it and make it part of its own bloodline.

"What do you want from me? Do you also want my body?" I asked because I felt very suspicious, all those boasting old bastards wanted my body, and I felt this one wanted my body.

"Yes, I want your body but not in the way you think." The Primordial Voice said, "Boy, you do not need to worry about me taking your body, I Arrenthus born in the esse

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