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Chapter 1089 - Life Burning Curse III

After making my mind, I crawled toward the small practice room of the airship; it was just a few steps away from where I was lying and only took me a minute to reach there.

The practice room is quite small, but it will be enough for me; now, the only thing I have to do is muster enough energy to practice the method when at every moment, a large chunk of my lifeforce is slipping away.

I am feeling quite weak, but I have no choice to practice the methods and finish them within one and half hour or die.

So, even if I am weak, I will perform the methods and take them to completion; only then I might get out of this predicament.


Gritting my teeth, I got up and took out the small bottle, from which I took a gulp. The small bottle is a bottle of Soul Tempering Essense, and instead of taking a few small drops of it which I usually do, I took a gulp.

Normally, I would not do such thing as it would be akin to suicide, as I had to refine all the essence in the soul through the Secrete Method.

If I fail to do that, then this soul tempering essence will turn into poison and poison my soul, not to mention taking this much of the Soul Tempering essence would make my soul extremely heavy that I would not be able to perform a simple bodily function.

The curse is already going to kill me, so what of little poison as for the feeling of weight, it had been completely drowned under the soul burning effects of the curse that I did not feel anything, seeing that I took another gulp of Soul Tempering Essence.

It was a suicidal thing to do, but nothing happened; even with a second gulp, I felt nothing that made an empty whole bottle into my mouth. If anyone sees me now, they would think me mad, who is trying to kill himself.

But I did not think that way, since I had decided on my target, I have to give my all, and since I had broken through a new level of the Secrete Method just three days ago, it is impossible to make another breakthrough three days later, especially in the Secret Method.

So, I did the craziest thing, I drunk the whole bottle of Soul tempering Essence, and to be honest, I still do not feel any effect of it.

I could see the soul tempering essence spreading through my soul, pressuring it, but I am not feeling anything; the curse is too powerful for it to let me feel anything else than the pain it gives.

After I had done that, I started to perform three methods. This time I did not keep the cores in my mouth; I don't think I could coat them with my energy and keep them safely in my mouth.

If I eat a bunch of cores right now, they all will slide down my throat a few minutes later. The power of all those cores will be too much for my body to handle, and I will die, so it is better for me that I do not eat any cores.

I started to perform and felt tired in just a few pose; something like this never happened; I would always get tired in t

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