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Chapter 1104 - Tour

I enjoyed the balcony for a while before coming inside. Ashlyn is still on the balcony; she has created a small nest out of vines, and now she is laying there in the content.

The apartment is beautiful with three rooms, the hall, bedroom, and Practice Room. There are also a kitchen and bathroom with a state of Art-tech, so this apartment is perfect for a single person like me; I looked around for a while before entering my bedroom and lying on the bed.

'It is time to research the Inheritances.' I said in my mind that I opened the list of inheritances, and I have to say, I am impressed by the collection of inheritances that the Academy has in its collection.

There are 182 Inheritances; they are from Academy, Supremes, and many Tyrant Level Organisations. Each of these Inheritances has the power to take one above the Tyrant Stage.

Professor had said that many Inheritances are weak while many are strong, but one always chooses which one feels suitable. Though the power of Inheritance matters, still it is suitability that one should look after.

But not many people will heed that advice; the allure of the Supremes Inheritances is too great.

They all will surely try their all to get Supreme Organisation's inheritance before they try any other, and they are not wrong to do that; the inheritances from Supreme are good for even the most untalented people.

I will try to heed the professor's advice, unlike others; I have already decided my path and that of the Armor. F

for others, it might be difficult to follow that path as one will have to break quite some rules of energy, but I do not have to worry about those; I have the ability from Nero with its help, I can completely ignore the rules altogether.

That ability has become even stronger now that its trait has been integrated as my constitution, it has made everything easy for me, now I just have to find the inheritance that is best suitable for me, it does not matter whether it is stronger or weaker.

Even if it is weaker, I am confident I will be able to make it stronger through my armor. My Runic Armor is just at the basic stage due to efficient soul power; I need to run.

After I reach the Lord Stage, I will make those changes in the Armor I've dreamed about. That time I will not be able to launch only physical attacks but mana attacks that are just as powerful.

The Arc attack I've used in the championship was a basic attack I had created. I want to create a complicated attack that will be equal in might to those of Art. It sounds very ambitious, and others might laugh hearing it, but I am confident I will do it.

Now, I have to select the Inheritance and attend classes on Runes at the Academy. I have knowledge of runes through a knowledge crystal.

I do not have a proper idea about utilizing it; attending classes will not teach me about many applications of Runes but will also help me find the flaws in my Armo

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