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Chapter 1096 - Rainbow Constitution III

'Interesting!' Josephine couldn't help but mutter as she scanned Micheal's body with her senses. She had arrived right after his airship had been attacked, she had set up an alarm system on the ship before giving to Micheal, she did not want to lose the great seed she had found before it even got the chance to bloom

She wanted to help from the start but her intuition told her to wait and as always, her intuition was right. What she saw after Micheal was hit by the curse is beyond her imagination; she had never thought that kind of thing would even be possible.

She was already shocked when she saw Micheal going through the completion of the Body Cleansing Method. It had truly impressed her, she had gone through the completion and knew how many tries it took her to complete the last level, but Micheal did it in a single turn.

If that was not enough, he had completed his soul-cleansing method too; I had really thought I would have helped him personally to deal with the poison that Soul Tempering Essence would turn into if not refined on time.

There are many things Micheal did that had shocked her, but there is only one thing that scared her. The Curse hiding in the Micheal after she knew He was Anna Micehealson's son, she had guessed some part of the curse many have seeped inside Micheal.

I had tried to look, but it was hiding too deep; I would have able to see the Curse if I had touched the Micheal's, a slight touch would have been enough, but I wasn't ready to cross that boundary.

And also, I was already going to ask my sister to seal his Curse, she had one of the best inheritances in the whole world to deal with curses, but when I followed the flow and looked at the curse, I shook.

I know a lot about curses since many people have come for my sister's assistant, I helped her sometimes control them, but when I saw the Curse, I shook. The curse inside Micheal had gained sentience somehow.

I don't know it could have become sentient, but it has gained the sentient; the level of sentient is not high, but it is a horrifying thing as this small amount of Tyrant Grade Curse had now become extremely dangerous.

I was wallowing in my horror when Micheal reached the Limit of Knight, and that time, I had received the greatest shock; it is one of the shocking things I had ever seen.

Micheal's Constitution broke through the boundaries of Grade 12, which is very shocking but not shocking enough to shake my soul. The shocking thing was the change in his Constitution.

The Sin Constitution he had previously had been erased, and now in its place is the strange Seven apparition Constitution. It is f.u.c.k.i.n.g insane; I did not know how it happened; for some reason, I could see how it happened, I was only able to know due to the aura he had released.

Micheal now has a strange Seven Elemental Constitution, in which curse is also one of the Element. Due to this Cur

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