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Chapter 1175 - Crown Forest

I am quite shocked seeing that, and the next moment, I took a great risk and fully opened the seal I had placed on my Armor against this Cosmic Energy.

I could have taken it slowly, but I did not want to; I want to see my Inheritance Runes bearing the full brunt of this Cosmic energy.

As I unsealed the Armor, the brown energy came at me from every corner of my Armor and merge into runes directly without going through any filtration process; the runes had directly taken it.

Something like this had happened only two times when my inheritance went through the strengthening.

Now it is taking the energy fully, and I could feel my Inheritance Ruin are feeling more hungry for this energy, wanting me to attract it actively, but I did not.

There is still time, and since Armor is unsealed now, it could take the energy every moment of one month I am in. So, after looking at Inheritance Ruins for a few minutes, checking there is no problem, I continued with my journey.

I had just walked for a few minutes when I heard the monster's roar from a distance, and a few minutes after that, I heard another roar before seeing the monster itself.

I had first throught there won't be many monsters seeing how thick the energy is present, but an hour after that, I have completely changed my mind. There are monsters, more than I had imagined, and these monsters are a little different than what I have seen till now.

I did not engage with these monsters despite wanting to fight them; I just steered cleared of them and continued with my journey.

Suddenly I woke up!

Ashlyn had woken up; when the Ruin was opened, she was sleeping inside me. I wanted to wake her up after entering rune but seeing how deep sleep she was in, I let her be.

'Ashlyn, help me with the scouting.' I said to Ashlyn just as she woke up.

"Chew Chew" She came out of me with a happy chirp and flew away; I am not worried about Cosmic Energy effecting her. She is strong; I don't how strong she is but one thing is clear that she is stronger than me.

She flew up without any problem; she wasn't even feeling discomfort above where the cosmic energy became thick. Hell, she is enjoying the cosmic energy as she is actively taking it inside her.

I connected my vision with her, and as I saw the Forest through her eyes, I immediately know where I am.

The Crown Forest, this is where I am. This is the biggest Forest of the Castello Ruin, covering 15% of it, and the most notable thing in this Forest is Crown Tree from which it got its name.

The 'Crown Tree' or the Sky tree is the biggest in the Forest. Normal in this Forest, most trees are not longer than fifty meters, but the Crown Tree is above a thousand meters tall, and it is not frizzled and dry as the rest of the trees of the Forest.

This tree is vibrant; it is filled with greenery and has long branches spreading hundreds of meters; even it is a little

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